Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aqualabel Workshop 18 August 2010

The Setting

Arriving exactly at 7 pm I am welcomed with a drink and sandwich. That's right! No brain can work without adequate fuel. All products are well prepared and ready for some action. Some Hersey Kisses also provided to create a more relaxing mood for the ladies.

The Workshop

At 7.30 pm Ms. Yanni start the workshop by explaining deeper about Aqualabel itself, their motto "Your Skin Guardian Angel's" is revealed and the reason behind it is they believe lack of moisture is the root of all skin evils and by that they unravel the aqua power (Aqua Synergy Technology) for the benefit for our skin.

For overall view about Aqualabel product you can read at my previous post here and there. Do remember Aqualabel comes in 3 range MO (red) for Moisture, WT (blue) for whitening, and their Anti-Acne Whitening Care (green).

Okay, back to what is important in Aqualabel.

What is Aqua Synergy? It is an ingredient that blends easily with both water and oil. Powerfully forces moisture and effective ingredients into your skin while softening your skin at the same time.

That's why Aqualabel product can penetrate through your skin and work where it needed.

Now, here I try to squeeze in as many info as I possibly can :). There's so much to share I feel like I'm super excited and happy to be able to share this with all of you. The product itself already turns me around and now that I get to know them more, it makes our relationship goes deeper too, just like how the moisture SSS (Sink, Saturate, and Seal).

Some things that for me is important to know is their product target is for women in her late 20's - 40's, with their problems of daily stress, quality and price conscious, need moisture, pigment and starting to aged.
For me, all of the above is explaining my condition, hey I do have a very good skin gene but gene alone will need some help in this stressful world. Lack of sleep, constant air-conditioner and sun exposure (still in Singapore), not too forget not enough nutrition, water, and most of us, time to pampered oneself. I need a product that really work down to where it needed. Aqualabel is my answer.

Aqualabel believes in holistic experience, so not just the product work in different level but they want to create a sensation in our senses beyond the touch (skin).

The scent is another dimension they offer. A smooth rose scent makes me feel like I'm inside a rose garden. It deepens the feeling of being pampered and loved.

After Ms. Yanni share some product and brand knowledge we get to the point where we all try the products (yeaaah!). All start with cleansing, some use Aqualabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing that not just remove all waterproof makeup, unclog pores with powerful Sebum Plug Removing Ingredients, but also excess melanin for that whitening effect.

I use the Aqualabel Creamy Oil Cleansing that feels so smooth and burst of rose is just superb. Not just my skin is clean but this wonderful smell create a spa feeling for me.

Then we moved on to Soften, while western product use toner to close the pores, Aqualabel use lotion to soften the skin layer because when our skin is soften it can absorb the nutrients better. The WT range also contain ingredients to remove melanin cells while the MO lotion replenishing my skin with moisture, for a plump and resilient skin.
For the Moisture Essence (and lotion too) they divided the product into 2 S and R, S for normal to oily skin and R for normal to dry skin (please do read my previous post for Aqualabel). I found that the R region is more thick while the S is more clear and transparent.

Essences are applied afterward, they have 2 essences in MO range:
1. Moist Net Essence for overall use, but all in lower concentration compared to the more targeted essences below.
2. Moist Essence CL (Collagen) for uplifting the cheek area.
3. Moist Essence GG to reduce the appearance of matured pores that are prone to enlarging. GG is for Glycyl Glycin.
4. Moist Essence HA (Hyalluronic Acid) for for eyes and fine lines.

Here are the stuff I've used at the workshop and how it all worked out in the result. Please do click on the image for a larger view.

After the mask in the workshop we also taught how to massage them in, for me it's no different from massage technique taught by my beauty therapist at any spa. But it is good to know that they do pay attention on the smallest detail for our better use of the products.

If you pay attention to the after photo, my skin is more relaxed, moist, plump and more alive. The one that wonders me the most is this is what a 30 minute treatment does to me and if I use this product daily it will be a wonderful journey to a beautiful skin that so far quite difficult to achieve. I learn that Aqualabel goes directly to the main problem and from there it solves all the problem caused by it. Again lack of moisture is the root of all skin evil. Some of their product do contain alcohol but not in excessive or needles way, so they use the alcohol in lower percent and in form that tolerable for facial skin use.

I also try much much more other product like the Aqualabel White Up Base in Natural, so it was tinted and suitable with our skin color. It not just a make up base that corrected dark spots, uneven coloration for luminous skin but with Aqua synergy technology formulated with moisture-retaining ingredient and SPF 25/PA++ too.

For the Anti-Acne Whitening range, the scent is not as fragrant as the other range, perhaps of the different ingredients and anti-acne materials.

For everyone that would really like to know about the products please do not hesitate to contact me, there's still so much I can deliberate but the post will be too long.

I also will post up a special review just for the texture for each and every product they have, trust me, you'll want to read it out. So many interesting texture they have like the Moist Coat Essence that feels so thick but blend effortlessly and conceal pores while keeping skin moisturized. So look out for my next post especially about texture okay!

After the workshop I realized this is the first time I'm going out at night and come back looking better then before.

All the gals from workshop 18 August 2010

And there's no way Aqualabel let the ladies go back empty handed, a goodies bag containing samples and product knowledge is included, they also have reports of tests done to show how well the product work.

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  1. hi, i'm 21 years old n i'm still lazy to use anything to my face except face wash.i dont like to use anything coz hate sticky liquid.but i'm interesting bout this product,it looks easy n non sticky,,is that correct?

  2. hai clevergirl, i'm interesting with what you tell about aqualabel. is it really okay for skin and safe for sensitive skin?!

  3. Hi Anon 3:04 AM :),

    first of all never be lazy to take care your facial skin, because you'll be 'paying' more in the old days.

    and yes, Aqualabel is far none from sticky, it's really the opposite, to tell you the truth, I never experience any product like this before, it can penetrate deeply so the moisture is felt inside your skin and not above (which means it is not absorbed yet).

    try them out, especially the star product, Aqua Enhancer :)

  4. Hi Lullaby,

    so far I haven't experienced any sensitivity, allergy or discomfort from the product. From what I understand is Aqualabel using Aqua (water) technology and the basic of their company is Shiseido that have been doing skincare production for 100 years, so for me it's like a guarantee they do provide high quality ingredients too.

    but of course each human is unique, you can always try the tester first.

    Hope you'll have a wonderful experience with Aqualabel as much as I do

  5. ahh..ic2..okay i'll try to not being lazy..kekeke...
    where i can buy it?! can i test it first before i buy?!

  6. owh okay..thank you for your answer..i'll try it..

  7. Hi Anon,

    It is from Japan so you can definitely found them in Japan, so does in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong :)

    do have a tester first okie.

  8. hmmm..actually i live in indonesia,,so can i buy it online?!

  9. Hi Anon,

    I will check on them okay :), I'll have an answer on Tuesday the latest..


  10. Hi Anon,

    Regarding the Aqualabel in Indonesia, Ms.Stella (Aqualabel, Singapore), replied that it's currently not available.

    And for online buying she suggest to buy it in Watson only to guarantee the authenticity.

    Hope this reply helps :)