Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Last night on GV Max I got a chance to watch a movie. The theater was big and like most theater seats in Singapore, it was cramped.

Near the entrance they show us a sneak peak aka preview of the movie.

Audience coming here last night get their tickets from special way, like me I won a pair from 8 Days. Some also come sponsored by other media and sponsored related to pet (magazine, store, etc).


The main character need is a dog (duh) name Diggs that need his training since he do things his own way regardless the situation he's in. He is the person ehm dog that doesn't do authority and cooperation plus a cat hater.

Things gone one way to another, Diggs got to an adventure with another dog (Butch) from the secret 'agency', a pigeon and a cat named Catherine (Christina Applegate) to stop the Kitty Galore evil plan.

The 3D was superb but the glasses is way to big for my Asian feature, and a lot of other movie patrons feels the same as I do as many of us keep adjusting the glasses.

The movie takes about one and a half hour, many laughter heard numerous times showing that the movie was funny and enjoyable..... and I found some endearing moments too. This is a perfect movie for dog and cat lover, and for families too. I am not a pet lover but I was still able to enjoy this wonderful action/fun/adventure/family movie.

Age genre: any age that have a soft and fun side on them afterall it's just a movie with lots of imagination and efforts to make it so real :)

GV Vivo City also have a promotion for kids on 1 September...that's tomorrow! Let's come for a face-painting, hair styling and more.

Each one of us who got to see the movie from 8 Days got home with 2 movie posters and a Frisbee.... catch!!

Do check out their official website! It got download-able stuff, games, photo and many more.

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