Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BFF are the best

Thanks to I Know Movement by Kotex on Facebook <--- click here, I've been celebrating my relationships with my friends and getting new friends too.

So everyday Kotex (our best friend during period) gives us chances to win prizes by asking us question related with friendship and/or our best friend forever (BFF). The prizes are really swell and any BFF will love getting their hands on it like beauty facial masks, flowers, etc and the grand prize is a pink Sony VAIO laptop (wow!).

At another tab everyone can join the fun daily and in Bust a Myth Challenge, we can test our knowledge and finding out the truth. I learn a lot from it like there are some food that can make our cramps worse and weather warm water really work to ease those pain. Each stage we also rewarded by prizes, as simple as free photo printing to vouchers and movie tickets. I wish my quizzes/exam in my school days do this and I will be happy to do a test every day.

The best thing about I Know Movement is during they daily quiz, we are reminded of our friends that being true to us all these years, question like what we like about them, things that we share like funniest moments, or about bad guys that are a big no no for our BFF, and many many more makes me treasure and appreciate my BFF in so many level.

The contestants also share their personal experience as well as tips, words of the day and so many other thing to celebrate the spirit of friendship itself.

So any gals out there I hope you also join this wonderful movement and even after the contest is over we can still be active and keep the friendship alive on or offline, cheers!

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