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For quite some time I've been thinking about this and I think I need to publish some skincare regime tips. It started with cleansing, tones, moisturize, mask and so on. They will be divided into some posts (since it will be too much and overwhelming to put them on 1 single post.
So here we go.
1. Always cleanse:
Our face need cleansing since it doesn't have any property to clean by itself. Some of the basic knowledge applied for these products:

  • Facial Foaming: Always foam them up abundantly at your palm first. Make a small bowl using your hand and the other hard rub it up and the 'bowl' (like a cone shape, with the bottom is your palm and your fingers are to upwards direction), gather the foam on that 'bowl'. So use the foam to clean your face, don't lather them up at your facial skin, it's the foam that does the cleaning and it is better that way since it is gentler and wont strip away your facial skin to the squeak. After finished applying the foam to your face, massage a bit here and there and make circular motion. Rinse it all off with lukewarm water. Gently pad dry your face with towel, not wipe it, using pat pat motion, or you can pat it with your hand until dry....if you have time.

  • But for you out there who really don't have time to lather them up, no worries, I found several brand or range that pumped up those lovely foam with this special device on the top of the bottle. Like this one (the right bottle) from The Body Shop. And I used to have their Tea Tree Foaming Facial Foam too with the pump. So there, look around and found your perfect foaming facial foam brand or range that have that pump.
Facial Cleanser also comes for many skin type, acne, oily, dry, sensitives, whitening, aging, and seriously so many more. Use accordingly.


  • Cleansing Oil: Make sure you've washed your hand and dry it up, so the cleansing oil or any cleansing product you use are really for the face and not to clean your hands. On dry face too, use an appropriate amount of cleansing oil, use circular motion, massage the oils to your face towards the outside direction. pay attention to the waterproof make up and keep massage the oils until the colors of the waterproof makeup is fading away (so the oils have let go your skin/lashes/lips), use a bit of warm water on your hand to massage them away, then rinse of completely with warm water. Some cleansing oil need another cleanser (like a foaming cleanser) to remove the residue while some don't. From what I know my Shu Uemura doesn't need facial foam action afterward but my DHC do need.

  • Cleansing Milk: This old fashion formula for me needs a lot of cottons, especially cleaning heavy duty makeup. Use an appropriate amount, massage them in circular motion and use cotton ball or the square one to wipe all the dirt, debris or makeup. All cleansing milk comes with a toner or softener so use it afterward. My favorite cleansing milk and softener duo of all times is Lancaster Softening range. It not just cleanse and soften my face daily but I can feel the effect of my skin getting better and better. Less breakout to no more breakout, dewy, luminous, moist and so soft to the touch.

  • Wipes: Technology do bring comfort to our needs, for me the best cleansing wet wipes is babies product, I've tried Simple, Nivea, Neutrogen, and many more. I must say I really don't like the texture of Nivea's wipes which is to harsh on my skin, especially cleaning waterproof mascara. Simple doesn't really clean my waterproof makeup but the quality of wipe is better and softer, while Neutrogena is too oily for me. Babies wipes like Huggies or Johnson and Johnson is my best choice. Not just the wipes texture and material are so soft and delicate, usually they add some ingredients that benefits the skin like aloe vera and even more, safe for baby skin :)

  • Scrubs: I'm not using scrubs daily, not just because I found it too much for my skin and I don't feel the need for it. I like the one that contain micro-beads, since they are softer and the beads are smaller, I feel the skin is cleaner than those with big beads. For scrubs that foamy, foam them first at your palm, just like using a cleansing foam, while other scrub can be use directly, check their texture first. Some product doesn't really say how to use it properly, usually I get more info during workshop or ask around (send the company an emails or talk to their beauty pro). For me it is important to treat you skin after using a scrub. Oh and I almost forget, before scrub use cleansing product first, then wet your face to use the scrub. Treat your skin with scrub to help the pores to stay clean and moisturize, I usually use a mask/masque after scrub + toning.

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