Friday, August 13, 2010

Pure Beauty

About a month ago I collect a set from a magazine, consist of 2 in 1 Foaming Facial Cleanser, Toner, Essence, Eye Cream and Day Cream. All 5 of them in total about 100S$, so it's not an expensive product.

The thing that I like about Korean product is how they put care and love in to it, just like the Japanese do, but their price is a bit cheaper than Japanese product. And how to apply the toner is different than western brand that use cotton, they use our hand and tap in so the skin can absorb the nutrients inside.

I give 3 our of 5 stars for this product. Here are the reasons:
I like the fact that:
1. They smell nice, not too overwhelming but just enough. A nice fruity sensation right after application.
2. I like the 2 in 1 part of the foaming facial cleanser as a daily cleanser and mask for more cleaning regime.
3. The toner is just lovely and so does the essence, they are so easy to apply.
4. It doesn't cause any allergic reaction nor make the oily skin worse (my husband's). Acne skin can also use the product without being worry the acne increased.

I don't like the fact that:
1. The foaming facial cleanser doesn't really clean my face, usually it take 2 time to really clean out, perhaps I have to foam them up really well before applying to my face. I've tried this method several time and sometime it doesn't work either.
2. The Eye and Day cream are too heavy, it really difficult to blend them in. A vivid traces of cream are still on the surface and refuse to go anywhere no matter how long I've tried to massage them in, leaving a sticky residue especially on the cheek area. Makes me feel like using a mask that need to be wipe or wash after use.

The main purpose of the product is said to be antioxidant so I think it is suitable for anyone in any age(so far as the age concern) and almost all skin type can try but for satisfaction rate, it's depend on your budget and needs.

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