Tuesday, August 10, 2010

iPhone Apps

These are some of the application that I really like on my iPhone. Most are games since well, I like to enjoy some in commuting.

The first one is New York Nights: Success in the city.
I think this is the first game that I bought, it's like mini sims so we are supposed to follow the story but how it turn out depends on the choices we make. We can choose between being a girl or boy, how we look, clothing, hair style, etc. Then the final decision is not about success in business world but in love, so we have to choose between 2 person. In the middle of it all we can enjoy sights and views in New York city, the famous park, clubs, Broadway, etc. It's really a fun game for girls. Too bad the game can easily finished within a day. I hope they make another one and more complicated.

Like sims too we have to pay attention on the 'needs' of our 'person' that need food, toilet break, shower and style too. I did enjoy the choices of reaction they gave us, but in the end only 2 person matter for our happy ending, so you can go ahead and make everyone hate you or every opposite sex love you and have that fling every where.

The second game that I remembered playing it until I forget/ignore everything in my daily life is C
hronicles of Inotia : Legend of Feanor. The story is a classic RPG game where the hero is 'stranded' and destined to save all these people. I finished the game in couple of weeks try to build his level, money, armor, or anything to help me defeat the big boss. In the end I overloaded my self with too much money, too many potions and a level that so high that I can easily beat the big boss less than 5 minutes. Victory is indeed sweet....kind of. I love the graphic, how easy it is the maneuver the hero, the constant reward and get free stuff from enemy that lose (from potion, money, weapon, etc). This is a perfect game for a beginner, I don't think those that was so 'expert' in playing RPG would gives their thumbs up since there's no strategy, complication in the story or whatsoever. Perfect for those who just want to have fun without involving their brain.

Now Inotia 2 is available but I'm not interested. They do offer better graphic and storyline, and now we can choose our hero to begin with, but still, maybe someday I'll bought the game...when it's 0.99$ perhaps.

Besides games I also have Facebook app, Y!
Messenger, Maps (that I love since it is really clear and updated), AccuWeather (even thou' sometime the weather is 100% wrong), BlogBooster (which I just load but hate how sometime it can erase new post I just created and don't have auto save program), and TuzkiSnap.

Now about TuzkiSnap, it's a fun way to take pictures and paste those funny stickers on your photo, like in the old days when we are young and love taking pictures at the booths where we can put stickers and those pink and cute stuff on it, now with just your iPhone you can do it every where and anytime, no coins needed. Just want to complain about the loud sounds it make every time we run the app.

I also have English to Japanese translator (paid) that kinda useful, but I think I need a better one, the one where I can write down the sentence and let them have the translation when I push enter. In this translator is just like a manual dictionary which just about finding the words available there.

But nothing beats the weirdest of Messenger, a hotmail MSN app that can not be sign out, oh they do have this choice but somehow still can't. So when I'm about to change the user I have to delete the app and upload again then I can change user.

MSN in my pc also have problem, they kept asking me to do an update and if I refuse I will not be able to run the MSN and when I do update, it can't be run. Not so smart aye mate?!

Twitterific run smoothly, like MoreLomo too, iBooks , iCab, but I don't use them all the time. The games I currently playing is Angry Birds and Yumsters 2, Cookie Dozer (a friend of Coin Dozer) also fun and help me kill time.

Angry Birds is really fun and addictive, you are suppose to catapult these silly birds (all have their own 'super power') to destroys these green monsters that stoles their eggs. Many levels are presented, some can only be unlocked after golden eggs are retrieved.

Yumsters 2 is also a delightful game. It need attention and focus to eat those fruits. Time limited game with multiple level and adventure is different places. I was amazed by their variety of 'wormies' each with their own different 'skill' that need to be activated first. Ghost can be transparent and eat fruit at it's own color wherever it is and can not be blocked by anything. Yumsters can eat any color, and many other type too. We have to be faster on each stage since there's bug and frost that need to be prevented.

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