Friday, August 13, 2010

Bare Minerals Matte SPF 15 Foundation

I get these wonderful foundations from Sephora during their Facebook contest. I redeem the Fairly Light and Light. I got the Fairly Light at sample size with a brush and the normal size in Light. And I love to use it together. But I wish the brush can be softer and finer.

They blend easily on my skin, when other foundation easily clump, cakey, melt during sweating, this one got better and better by the hour of using. You can check the details of the ingredients on their website so does how to use them, etc.

My skin is a combination of oily t-zone, dry cheek, uneven skin tone, enlarge pores on nose and surrounding to the cheek zone. So I need a good foundation that can cover it all, this one does. It help my oily t-zone to matte, my uneven skin tone to even out without looking unnatural, the pores that big look minimize and covered, and it last hours and hours. About from AM to PM.

The color is so soft and matches me easily since they do have choices of the base color for me which is yellow. You can find your perfect tone here. The website is so helpful, the guide and walk-through is fun to explore too. For 20 shades I guess everyone can match their skin. The range are divided into Original and Matte version.

After choosing the fair/medium/dark skin we will need to know the our undertone cool/neutral/warm. But if you have doubt going down to the store also quite fun since you can try with tester which one suite you best.

I give this product 4 out of 5 star for:
1. No allergic reaction from redness, itchy, bumps or anything from using it even for hours (8+).
2. Have SPF 15m, perfect for sunblock-ignorance person as I am.
3. Have many shades that perfectly suit my skin color and mine is Fairly Light
4. Very easy to use, with the brush given (or bought) just tap tap, blend blend and voila!
5. It work! As for coverage, protection and beautify my facial skin (or any skin using it).
6. The ingredients inside is better for my skin (again read it on their website).

So I guess I have no more reason to avoid coverage and looking bad now.

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