Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kiehl's Rare Earth Cleanser and Mask

The cleanser:
got small beads that help scrub those pores, not foamy, like the picture shown above, I really can't stand the smell. The texture just like the dead sea mud (or in this case the mud, just a bit more fluid).

Afterward my skin feels really clean but not squeaky-floor-cleanness. My ratings is 4 out 5. So I I will use it again in the future when the oil sebum on my skin start to protesting and demand some attention.

The masque:
During application I have no problem at all as the 'mud' easily glide here and there. After it all spread on my face it was very sting and as it dries out the sting also starting to fade. It was said on the label it will dry about 10 minutes, my timing is about the same. I clean the masque with this great material from Japan, really not a brand, just a body cloth from a cheap hotel in Kanda. But it really the best masque remover, far more better than my sponge or small towel. So I just wet it up with a warm water, gently pat pat here and there, then slide all those masque away.

My skin become so clean and feel refreshed, but still non drying as I like my skin better this way, all the oils and impurities are gone.

My suggestion:
If you have a normal combination to the direction of oily, use this product like 1-2 times a week depends on your skin need. For me I will use it like once every 2 weeks or so.
Before applying the masque, it is better to clean your face with the cleanser from the same range too.

Despite my not so good review for the lotion, I like the cleanser and masque of Rare Earth range from Kiehl's (as expected from a quality product). Perhaps also the fact that I don't need to use it daily.

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