Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lip & Cheek Stain The Body Shop

Around 8 years ago I have this paste form of lip and cheek rose color from The Body Shop that I really love, but since they discontinue the product I have to find the replacement. It doesn't give me the same effect, but I subside to the supply given.

I really love lip and cheek stain in any kind of form, for me this is the ultimate must have make up for anyone, it look natural and give that rosy perkiness on any gal. Actually I want to buy Benetint but since the price is more expensive and when I try them on the color didn't 'stain' that much on my cheek. So when I get a 20$ voucher from The Body Shop from my previous shopping spree, I get this one immediately since it's been in my wish list for quite some time.

No thanks to the awful salesperson at Lot 1 that well...bitchy and seems in a terrible mood, (slim, Chinese and lack of smile) I miss the other salesgirl there, plump and Malay, very nice and friendly. I should have ask for her name...well perhaps someday.

Anyway, back to the product, I'm already so excited when I use them for the first time and I like the applicator, the gel (it's not like really a gel but not so runny to), like a thick liquidy red watery form (yeah, I have problem explaining the texture), it can easily glide on cheek and lips. My lips look like I just have some red soda pop. When applied on my cheek they are tricky, somehow when I blend them using my finger tips most of the redness ended up on my finger and little on my cheek.

My trick for it is to leave them a bit longer before blending them in my cheek area. The stain itself doesn't last very long (2-3 hours), but since it was very handy I bring it everywhere and reapply anytime. It's not waterproof and like those stay on lipstick, so when I eat, drink or kiss, it does smudge a little bit. I learn from someone at the youtube that if you put them on after lipstick (dab dab not smothered) it will help the color to stay put and a more even effect.

Contain Panthenol and Glycerine for moisture and hydrate the skin.

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