Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Body Shop Deo Dry

This is what is said in their website :

Powered by natural volcanic mineral (sounds really cool), delivering dryness (really?) and 24-hour odour protection (hmm), reducing odour, yet gentle on skin. Available in three fragrances: Cool & Zesty, Fresh & Floral und Chilled & Breezy.

And this is what I say: I bought the Fresh & Floral...just to be a bit disappoint. For me I give them 3 out of 5 star, for sometime it didn't work, and the maximum odor protection is about 3 hours. Singapore is a hot country and there's no way I'm not sweating daily and the fact that I'm pretty active won't get much help from this product.

I like the romantic scent of the floral but definitely not in the fresh zone. I apply it after taking a shower, the dry effect stay for 2-3 hours and the odor protection last 4 hours max. I haven't finished the whole product, just been using it for a week now.

Before I purchase the product I tested the scent of Cool & Zesty ( Yellow) and Chilled & breezy (Blue). I like the blue the best since it's smell very fresh but since the pink one is left with one bottle I thought this one must be the best. I dislike the yellow scent very much. I kinda wish it have a freshly squeezed lemon scent, but it didn't.

But there's still some positive side since it contain no aluminum salts and parabens, safer and better ingredients is used I presumed. And even thou' the stick is white it doesn't leave a stain mark (white yucky thingy) on my clothes.

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