Sunday, November 22, 2009

Renew Challenge

The Renew Challenge is officially started for me. I just use it for the first time today. As I opened the lid of each bottle I get more and more excited. I love how these small blue bottles will change my looks in a matter of a month. I have my high expectation on them since Ms. Song He Gyo herself believe in. Look how gorgeous her skin is in the website and on all her movies (+ commercials).

Okay here I start: the first one is toner, which is the first time I use a gel like toner, it glide so smooth to my skin, I didn't use cotton because as I notice in all Korean Drama they use their hand and tap all the nutrients ingredients in, they claim it's the best way to use a toner. So I did. I like it, I find it amusing.

The second part is the emulsion, massage a little bit to make it more absorptive. And by doing so I notice my facial skin is far away from smooth. I feel a lot of bumpiness here and there.

The third part is essence, massage and tap is the key.

4th is for the eyes area, separate from day and night to keep the dark cirlce, wrinkle, and puffiness away.

Last but definitely not least is the moisturizer which is a cream like but feels like a gel that can easily penetrate to my skin, love it, I really do, feels cool and fresh at the same time gives moisture (after all it is a moisturizer) ;p

Update: Unfortunately the link I gave you regarding the Renew Challenge has been no longer existed (I should have save a copy), nevertheless you can still enjoy my review ^__^

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