Saturday, November 28, 2009

yummy grapes from Taiwan

I love grapes, like really lurrvesssss grapes, I think grapes are the best juicy sweet tasty fruit that just perfect for me. No need cutting, no mess, and hassle free. I've tried many different types, crimson, red grapes green, black, purple, deep purples and many many moreee so far this one is the tastiest one. It's got chewiness, not as chewy as Korean grapes but chewy enough for me beside the skin is not as sour as Korean grapes.

Taiwan Ruby grapes are refreshing in a hot days like these and brings all the goodness of fruit, fibers, vitamins and natural anti-oxidant.But wait a second there, don't just gulp them down yet, they do have seed, if it is seedless their score is 10/10 as in perfect :)

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