Friday, November 20, 2009

And it all started with a bang

Recently, I've been joining contest, a beauty contest or travel usually where I feel I can enjoy and it's truly what my heart desire. Sadly most of these contest is filled with people that cheats. Well, I know I can not expect everyone to be truly honest but cheaters often won and that's what really sadden me the most.

1. Are there any regulations?
2. No conscience.
3. Peace with oneself (maybe when you got your eyes all glittered by the prize)
4. No some sort of punishment or consequences.
5. More and more daring..

Those are some of the teeny bitty facts I know about cheater and what goes around them.

Companies spend thousands of dollars for contest and they seems reckless too, some kind of ignorance that maybe they just want to give prizes to whoever want it by any kind a ways. In Singapore where everything is done (mainly) according to law or social culture is a contradict in what happen in the contest 'realm' where it seems no law and everything is ambiguous.

I still like to join some contest thou' especially those that have been proven cheat-free or at least the company makes it really difficult and point-less to cheat (like a lucky draw one). Now, the contests that are being the main focus by the cheaters and scammers and hackers are voting, collecting points, using score, and many like that. I even met a person that clearly cheating but blatantly speaks like he's an angels of innocent, (correction: met as if per email) :P. As for cheaters I think they motto is, try to win as hard as they can using any methods and be as a bad example as they can to their children and perhaps then say to them: 'this is what you should avoid' and just hope, someday their children will get cheated. Remember what goes around comes around so act wisely, top prize can not buy you any happiness, temporary one perhaps, but what's happen after that is the one that anyone with their sanity on would avoid.

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