Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hear Yea Hear Yea

For Today only Pink Parlor is having a 8$ promo for any waxing done, Brazilian, underarm, and half leg. I really want to join but the queue and my timing is not suitable, as if I don't want to queue for hours for it with my child kept on asking are we done yet, are we done yet, are we done yet???

But if I have the privileged of time I will do it in the most definite way since the first 100 customer also get a 100$ worth goody bag, WOW!!!

Let's do some calculating first, a person take about 20-30 minutes waxing time, 5 people queue already took about 2,5 hours, the last time I went there they only have 2 staff and 2 rooms, I don't think anyone willing to do it in the open place, so you do the math, will they ever get 100 customer in a day??? 1 day =24 hours and they not open 24 hour they open like 12 hours (max), so????

A question that really need to be answered by the professional, mystery!

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