Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bad service Bad attitude Bad hygiene

Don't be fooled by the words OK, as in service. I ate there 2 times this year and both of them ended up in disappointment, either the food taste bland or too hard or the rice are too dry. This time I didn't have a happy memory either. After I order the lady told me to move my tray speaking in Chinese, I replied "Sorry?", she answered me back in Mandarin, I said "what?", again she speak in Chinese in louder voice as if I'm the one that was deaf. I said " I don't understand you" and take away my tray because she start to use her hand to shoos me away like I'm a fly or something.

Again, I'm thinking am I in somewhere near Nanjiang province or SINGAPORE???

After I sit down another auntie came and said something in Chinese like wanting my tray but there's just so many stuff there, I asked her " what?" she just wave her hand and leave me still confused on what just happen there.

Then there I am (finally) sitting quietly after my meal have arrived, when suddenly out of the blue the auntie roll away a big trash container just about 10 cm from my food. The place is really cramped and hello, it's in lunch time where most people alive will get a bite, and the unlucky one ended up there at KOBAYASHI Hangul (CCK).

I imagine all the germs and all my agony of why do I have to go and eat there suddenly filled my head and leave that place as soon as I can.

Those people are just plain cruel, they must hate the customers and I guess now I know why they never have a lot of customer.

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