Friday, November 20, 2009

it's not just about taking longer trips

for me it's about health issue. Seriously!!! I've taken bus for my daily trips, I've been there done that. And if I have a chance I'll definitely get a car, but the thing is money is an issue for me. SO mean while I'll still be at buses and MRTs.

Again back to the topics, health issue? I've seen many times uneducated people sneeze, cough, spit inside the bus. How do I know they are uneducated? Well, i don't expect educated people do that. And here we are try to point finger then it's the passenger the one that should take the blame? think again, dude. Cushion on buses are filled with allergic materials, try fluff it if you dare and all those nasty dust and even a family of cockroach will come and sworn on anyone that dare to disturb their slumber. No need to discuss about the floor that seems always sticky and filled with dirt.

The daily news and other people complains also not making it easier for me to accept the reality of public transportation, like peeing inside the MRT, inconsiderate being sleeping on 4 chairs, and also hate the occasional cleaning the nose job and throw it to the nearest unfortunate person.

Now the issue of influenza and their species is all about too close for comfort right? Where we should avoid crowded places and try to be more private, bus and trains is our best answer? GIVE ME A BREAK!

Yes I want to have a greener world, but until that time comes I want to survive first, so my answer will be the minute I have the money to buy a car I'll definitely will. An electric one! That's my solution! Long live me healthily and happily.

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