Friday, November 20, 2009

What all woman should know

non others is about their health, not just their general health but their breast health. The issue here is not to scare you or be afraid but get info. In anything and everything believe it or not information is almost the key to all the problems that happens in our life. When we have info we know what we can (or some cases can not) do in our life or future.

The next one will be know the right person. There's so many doctors, health consultant or source for information and some of them can be wrong, so trust your instinct can be the next key to a better solution. I even once go to a very young doctor that insisted my ingrown needed a small surgery, but I 'insisted' a medication of antibiotics will do the trick, and I am proudly say I AM RIGHT.

So far I also encounter some doctors that blessed me with their existence, like Dr. Mona Tan from Mammocare and Dr. Selina Chua from Mt. Elizabeth. They are the nicest, caring and thoughtful doctors a woman like me can get.

I like their personal touch, their energy and excitement for life and positiveness (and I found it rare in other doctors that like to think the worst, kiasu perhaps???)

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