Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chrismas has come

Just like the mall above me at Bt. Batok area, every mall in Singapore have dressed up for the season. With all the blings of glitter and lights and all those Santas. All those years of telling the kids there's no such thing as Santa is really messed up from all of these decoration. Do they really out of ideas that the Santa need to be there, in most malls??

Well for me, if I have a mall (:) giggling already by my own words) I'll definitely get new ideas. Christmas is still about hope, love, giving and caring. So gift boxes with numerous variations and of course make it more Singaporean style. Christmas does linger with western culture but the spirit we can all share as human being. Perhaps more giving, more love to the customer than just a cold heart-ed decoration that meant almost hmm nothing. Be real, be sincere and make it come true.

I know a decoration wouldn't hurt, I do admit I do love all those pretty lights. But instead of those vaguely empty words how about slogan like, "Christmas is a time for giving, have you give a gift, yet?" or maybe Make a giant Christmas Tree where everyone who donated can put their card and write what have they done, yes givers should be appreciated and make 'headlines', everyday we read in the newspaper how criminals get a page or two, but this season let's all the givers be acknowledge for their kindness and generosity. Or for the shy one can play secret guardian angels where you can donate to certain people without their knowing the identity of the givers.

So this Christmas try to give more than indulge :)

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