Sunday, November 22, 2009

A trip to remember...

I know I know it's not what most people expected to see when I say the word it's our trip to the Istana President Singapore. But that's what impressed me the most. Luscious greens that are really really green wherever I see. Istana open every public holiday, it's free for Singapore citizens and PRs but since I'm a foreigner I have to pay 2$ per person. But It worth-ed since the money goes to donation just remember to bring along your IC or passport.

There are some tips I wanna share here:
1. Ladies, leave those stilettos at home, walk, walk, and again walk through a lot of 'nature' pavement.
2. Bring those umbrellas, wear sunblock, sunglasses and hats if necessary (as if you most definitely go there when the sun is still up or rain).
3. Prepared yourself with lost of drinks, cold stuff, anti-bug patch (again as in nature=plants, trees, grass)
4. Camera need to be charged (fully charged) as in a lot of scenery for the garden to the Istana and the occasional meet and greet Mr. President himself.
5. Snacks in case you are hungry.
6. Pee before going in here as in this is not a mall (nearest mall is Plaza Singapura, visit them first)
7. Kids have playground here, it's fun and it seems the coordinator really know how to entertain the young ones.

And one more thing, enjoy!!! It's not like you gonna live there everyday :)

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