Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kerastase 42 Days Hair Loss Program Week 3

Hello lovelies,

this is my third week doing the program with Kerastase and I'm happy to say that I'm diligent enough to do the whole thing every single day. Even thou' I've visited salon for a hair cut, go to hotels and so on, I bring them everywhere. When in salon, I ask them to wash my hair with the shampoo I brought and help me using the rest of the products as well.


How do I feel right now? I'm happy. The Aminexil Force R and Initialiste doesn't make my scalp oily nor greasy, I still do need to wash the scalp and hair daily but usually other product will made them greasier, these don't.

The shampoo works well and so does the Aminexil Force R and Initialiste, the people at the salons said that they see many tiny little hairs growing, I hope it's a sign of a good thing which means more hair visible hair growth.

Now, why am I in salon? For a hair cut, it's been super duper hot and the ends of my hairs are getting dryer and dryer since I can't stop coloring. Maintaining a damage hair is not easy, especially when I'm focusing on hair growth, so, I choose to let some go, so the new ones can get more nutrition and the scalp (root) can pay more attention to the new ones (hopes that make sense).


As usual, each usage need one full bottle without skipping a single drop. Massage the scalp a bit before continue to Initialiste. Dry the hair and style like usual.

I opt for a medium length hair style with tons of layers that adds volume to my hair. Glad to say that the cut and the Kerastase program help decreasing the number of hair fall by far.

Since hair fall can happen from the roots or from the breakage (or both), we need to see where problem from, if its from the root then the scalp would need special attention, if it is breakage then the hair need those attention. Different cause of problem need different solution and products.

Kerastase 42 Days Hair Loss Program provide nourishment to the scalp so the fibre become stronger, it is also help improving hair density. The shampoo acts as a cleanser and prep the scalp before treatment while Initialiste gives nourishment so the new growing hair become much more stronger and in better quality.


Thank you so much Kerastase Indonesia, stay tune for more updates and of course, final result.

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