Monday, March 23, 2015

Cabin Crew Kit Skin Renewal Mask and Nano Hydration Boost

Hello all,

these are the products from Cabin Crew Kit, a Skin Renewal Mask for night time usage and the Nano Hydration Boost, a serum for day and night.


Skin Renewal Mask is a high-performance skin surface exfoliating mask formulated to support dissolve of dead skin cells effectively and unclog congested pores. Eliminate bacteria on the epidermal layer, to prevent occurrence of future comedones and breakouts. Lactic Acid act as a cleanser to these inflamed outbreaks and sebum-excess skin condition.
Apply a small plum size of Skin Renewal Mask evenly over your cleansed face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with cool or lukewarm water after 20-30 minutes. Avoid eyes area. For night use only. Suitable for 1 to 2 times applications weekly. It is recommended to use sunscreen when you are out in the day as it contains AHA elements. Suitable for normal, oily and all skin types.


The mask comes in a jar packaging, a white, thick and super creamy formula that feels kinda like a paste on the skin.

I use it once a week on my sensitive to dry skin, apply it liberally on a clean skin.


It doesn't have a distinct fragrance-like scent, more like non perfumed product. So, I think the main 'character' of the scent comes from the ingredients alone.


Check out for more info regarding the products.

And here's me using the mask at night time.


There's a tingling feeling especially on the sensitive area like my cheeks. I'm kinda worry whether it will make them red and irritate those parts.

On areas such as t-zone and the chin, where sebum usually gather has no sensation at all, so it is pretty much comfortable there.


After 20 minutes, I clean them off using a damp clothe with warm water. It cleans up pretty well and I'm happy to see that my cheeks are fine. No irritation whatsoever and I think that my skin is looking clearer and a bit fairer as well. Like dead skin cells, impurities and other stuff that cause skin discolorations to be lifted up.

After using the Renewal Mask, like after using peeling product or scrubs, it is best to use a sun protection in the next day (or just about any day as long as there's sun) and best to avoid going out when it is unnecessary. 

I continue using lotion, serum and moisturizer.

Which serum do I used? Of course it's the Nano Hydration Boost.


Nano Hydration Boost is a double-action ultra-hydrating serum has the ability to bind moisture to cells effectively. It locks in moisture on skin surface, preventing moisture loss into the environment while penetrates moisture into the skin. Its unique lightweight texture leaves no greasy residue on skin and will not clog pores.


I love the clear serum so much!! It is the perfect one for my always-in-dehydration-mode-kinda skin. It provide moisture, moisture, and moisture.

The product pretty much suitable with any other moisturizer I've been using. It made any of them provide more moisture to my skin, I love the plump and hydrated effect.


After the skin being de-clog by the mask, the serum can work much better and penetrate even further into the skin. Providing more moisture to the skin. The day and night serum is suitable for all skin type and can be use by men and women alike.

This is a perfect serum for those looking for a serum that only provide moisture and nothing else, like those in the early 20's or perhaps from 18 years old.

Thank you so much Cabin Crew Kit.


Psst!! Sometime I like to combine the serum with the Age Prevento Serum as well.

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