Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Body Shop Drop of Youth

Hello everyone!!

These are some of the collection from the Nutriganics Drop of Youth, the Drop Of Youth Eye Concentrate, and Wonderblur.



Nutriganics Drop of Youth
Pre serum dengan teknologi plant stem cells dari criste marine untuk semua jenis kulit yang membantu meningkatkan proses peremajaan, membuat kulit tampak lebih lembut, lebih segar dan lebih sehat dalam 4 minggu pemakaian.

Drop of Youth Eye Concentrate

Drops of Youth™ Eye Concentrate merupakan produk perawatan mata dengan aplikasi pump roll-on yang menggunakan inovasi teknologi plant stem cell. Sangat sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit. Gunakan pagi dan malam hari. Untuk hasil maksimal, gunakan sebelum eye treatment favorit Anda.


Langkah terkahir untuk rangkaian perawatan wajah Anda sebelum menggunakan make up. Wonderblur™ secara instant memperhalus tekstur kulit, mengurangi tampilan garis halus dan pori-pori untuk hasil make up flawless.

I've been using these babies for weeks now and enjoying the benefit from using them.

Start from Drop of Youth, the one that started it all, a pre serum that gives the skin a fresh hydration loves by many. The gel like texture of the clear serum is lovely. I've shared a post regarding the product during the launch around  August 2012 (Read more HERE), so the Drop of Youth has been around quite a while. This is their first pre serum and has shown great results to the users.

I've been using the pre serum with many other products (serum and moisturizer) and so far, it help boosted up the hydration level on the skin. The pre serum is comfortable, light, and has this dewy texture. If you love to have more hydration on your skin you should try Drop of Youth by using it twice daily on a cleaneed skin and after toner. Continue with serum and moisturizer of your choice.

BY providing hydration, the skin will become plumper, softer and eventually younger since it helps reduce the effect of aging. The stem cells of criste marine is known for its rejuvenating and youthful effect.

After the Drop of Youth, I'm using the Drop of Youth Eye Concentrate for the eyes. The one that offer easy application directly to the eyes by using the metallic ball. So cool, refreshing and gives a tired eyes that oomph feeling. Uplifting and boosting the area for a much more smoother and finer liners.

Find out more about the Eye Concentrate and Wonderblur as well, HERE.

The eye concentrate is a favorite between me and hubby for it's light texture, putting it on the fridge also helps cool off the area and minimize the swollen eye bag.

The formula is suitable for the eyes area, it is not rich and creamy. I can also use it on my laughing lines are it reduce the appearance of the deep lines.

Last and not least in the Wonderblur, I'll show you more images of me using it on my instagram account @carnellin since it really needs images for a better prove.

Meanwhile, here's me using Wonderblur, take note that Wonderblur is used as the last step after skincare and right before makeup. Wonderblur contain skincare ingredients and that's make it different than Instablur.

Without being edited or photoshop, here's my result below:


The white thick frozen gel kinda formula instantly blurs the pores of the skin. Giving a much more softer and velvety look on me. The skin appear fairer since the pores are less visible and so does the redness. Fine lines around the eyes and all over the area looks much more relaxed and plumped. Makeup also become easier when applied since the skin has finer texture. Like a powdery feeling the Wonderblur successfully made the skin visibly younger.

It is a wonder alright and I do recommend everyone to try, especially those who are not a fan of makeup but love to see these amazing results on their skin.

For a lightweight finish, just top it off with a loose powder, or for a more maximum coverage use makeup from concealer, foundation and so on.

Thank you so much The Body Shop Indonesia.

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