Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Organist Natural Science Deep Cleansing Scalpcare Shampoo and Organist Natural Science Herb Vinegar Nutritional Shampoo

Hello everyone,

usually we don't really pay attention to our scalp, as long as the hair is fine, it grows well, doesn't loose too much or still look pretty overall. Until we find the hair loss is too much, the hair falls in numbers we clearly see as not normal, when we see patches of baldness or perhaps thinning, then, we try to look for a solution, hair tonic, or treatments in salon or perhaps natural remedies. The thing is, most of us usually have the effort to solve the problems when it already occur then preventing it.

Some of the key in hair growth lies in the scalp, and our daily treatment. Yes, good dietary habit is important, alongside with balance lifestyle from sleep, exercise, to cleanliness, but every product we uses also plays an important part. I found out that shampoo, the one that goes directly in touch with our scalp is paramount.


What do we look in a shampoo? Trust me, don't look for aroma or commercial, do look for ingredients that benefit the hair and what's more important is to see that they don't contain things that are bad for the scalp. Why scalp? There's where the hair grow, when the scalp is blocked by stuff like silicone, the roots are unable to grow beautiful strong hair. So stop using any shampoo that contains silicone right now and repent.

Other than silicone, there's also paraben, it's been banned for skincare and cosmetics as well in Europe.

Now, why many shampoo contain silicone, it's there to make the hair shines, like most ads about shampoo boasting about how shiny, silky and radiant the hair is, well, it's perhaps silicone. Silicone itself is okay when in hair, so if you happen to have conditioner or hair mask that contain silicone, use it, but not on products that reach or even touches the scalp as it can build up to obstruct hair and in the end, hair growth.

The first thing is to look shampoo that contain no silicone and no paraben, and perhaps a good detox like a deep cleanse to remove all those silicone barrier on the scalp.

As I search around Watson in Takashimaya, I've noticed these shampoo from Organist Natural Science, and the first one is actually their Herb Vinegar Nutritional Shampoo which we bought and use until they are finished and we absolutely love it. Now we bought some more since we see more variant.

Let's start reviewing the Deep Cleansing Scalpcare Shampoo.


1. 1 Minute of deep intense care for scalp with bubble
2. Gently massage rich lather into the scalp, wait for 1 minute and rinse. Rich lather will cleanse and exfoliate scalp for smooth finish with scent full of verbena
3. Ingredients from nature
Verbena : Cleanse and sooth scalp for healthier scalp
Centella : Calms scalp from stress and irritation
Lemon balm : Effective at removing sebum, Effective to achive optimal balance
4. Complete step-by-step care for healthier scalp
5. Free of Silicon, Paraben, Petroleum based Surfactant
6. Harmony of Verbena, herb, green, and woody fragrance for natural and freshing scent

[How to use]
Place a small amount of shampoo in the palm. Massage into wet hair and scalp and work into a rich lather and rinse off. Wait for 1 minute before washing off for more effect


Both of them is clear and smells good. The Deep Cleansing has a slight minty or cooling effect that feels refreshing on the scalp. It cleanse the hair really well without being taut. So even without silicone, my hair still feels soft and shiny afterwards, it's comforting with the wintry effects.

The scalp and hair becomes cleans afterwards, sometime I need one session while on some other days when my hair is really greasy and dirty, I did it twice. The product lathers well and smell fresh, it provide a pristine finish.

Similar effect with the Herb Vinegar Nutritional Shampoo.

1. Powerful natural vinegar to care both scalp and hair
2. In ancient time, ladies hairs were shiny without any chemical ingredients. It contains ancient ladies wisdom for shiny hair with one drop of fermented vinegar
3. Nature loving, Eco friendly ingredients
4. Free from Silicon, Paraben, Petroleum based Surfactant
5. Contains fermented Thyme, Lavendar, Rosemary and Rosehip vinegar
6. Scalp and hair care for Refreshing scalp, smoothing hair
7. Clean and refreshing scalp by cleansing scalp
Hair and scalp get smooth and healthy with nutrients and optimal balance
8. pH 5.2~5.7 acid balanced shampoo
9. Care hair that is tired of permanent treatment and coloring by keeping oil & water balance

[How to use]
Place a small amount in the palm. Massage into wet hair and scalp and thoroughly rinse off with warm water


The Herb Vinegar may not have that minty fresh coolness on the scalp but still clean and smells so good. I prefer the vinegar one in terms of the aroma compared to the deep cleansing but they both works well on my hair, my daughter's too. She always have that musty scent on her scalp, especially when she just got back from school, but using the Herb Vinegar, her scalp smells flowery good and what I love about their shampoo (both) is that they both gave us a shiny hair that looks healthy plus clean and light. Like an automatic volume on the hair from the root all the way down.

And even thou' this shampoo contains no silicone, the hair stays tangle free, so squeaky clean like very drying effect is not available here. The hair is easy to run through using my fingers and the surface of each hair is full and appear nourished.

The scent? Stays on me almost the whole day, I love it! I know we are not supposed to choose a shampoo based on the scent, but getting one that has all the right ingredients and benefit with lovely fresh floral scent is a bonus I can't resist.


Gradually, by using non silicone shampoo, you'll notice the hair fall is getting less and less, the scalp no longer feels so oily and greasy, and the growth of your hair becomes normal again. Keep using the right product every single time to keep the scalp and your hair happy, and when they are happy, you'll certainly be happy too.

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