Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Waterproof Liner

Hello lovelies,

looking for a good eyeliner, especially on the waterline is like a quest made for adventurer. Sometime you have to face many difficulties and impossible quests. Some products works, oh wait, most product fails while only a few does. So it's like playing Takeshi Castle going through doors.


For me, price should always be equal to quality, Bobbi Brown is one brand that I look up to for their modesty and most of their product does works wonder. Especially their skincare, hydrating primer, foundation and it's all behind the owner's concept of everyone is beautiful. The key is to find the right product to accentuate what you have.

I always fall for that, that's why I bought their Long-Wear Waterproof Liner in black... or may I say Blackout.


An opaque, densely-pigmented liner with all-day wear that's gentle enough for tight-lining but strong enough to withstand a tough workout or hot, humid weather. For best results, twist product up just enough to apply—the tube will support liner for the smoothest application.

This transfer-proof liner instantly forms a waterproof film that stands up to sweat, humidity, tears and more. For minimal smudging and intense definition, it's formulated with the lowest possible level of oils and waxes—the result is pure, crisp color payoff that doesn't fade or fall out. The pigment-rich formula glides on lids evenly for smooth, uniform application and the precise, swivel-up pencil lets you create a range of liner looks. Can be used for tightlining along the waterline.

Apply as close to the lash line as possible and line the entire length of the lid using short, even strokes.


(after application)

The product is proven to be smooth, a real treat to the sensitive eyes area, made every line stable and true with the opaque and consistency. Easily operated with the automatic maneuver, perfect to grasp creating lines wherever, however I want it to be.

I happily use it on the inner side as it doesn't have any sharp edges, the surface of the eyeliner is always soft, like the wax and oils made them so delicate, I have a good time in terms of application.

The intensity of the solid black also a pleaser, it's pitch black inky, something that I always prefer...for some reasons as it add strength to my overall look.

When I bought it in Singapore, the staff assured me it is something I look for, long wear, waterproof, sweat proof, everything as mentioned in the details from their official website, so I should not be worry with the price of around $35.


(after application)

What can I say when I see that they failed miserably around 2 hours after application. The said to be long wear waterproof liner melts like the image below, and it getting worst and worst by the hours. I do sweat and actively move like any city gal, but it's not something extraordinary like going to the gym or taking a hike, it's just a normal activity during a day. And it came to nothing. 2 hours is definitely not a long wear and I should've just buy a $5 or $10 drug store brand, they'll last longer.

Yes, they might not be as smooth and soft as this one, but they'll last better. The smudges are ugly, I remember I went to a drug store later that day and add a concealer to help removing the smear out of my lower lids, it's embarrassing, like people though I was crying or something to cause that eyeliner to break down.


(2 hours after application)

So there you go, my review on Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Waterproof Liner who happen to work way below expectation and I would never recommend this product to anyone, try Heroine Make perhaps, that's should be better, I'm reviewing that one soon.

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