Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Dyson V6 Cord Free

Hello lovelies,

I know I know, this is definitely not a beauty product, but I've been raving about it every since I saw it on a TV Show (Korean) that this is one the most wanted vacuum cleaner. It's cord-free, cleans really well, powered up to suck even the tiniest dust like baby powder, and best of all, it doesn't distribute dirty air back into our lungs.


Forget about bulky conventional vacuum cleaner, oh to tell you the truth, I'm a real sucker in terms of vacuum cleaner, I've been using them for more than 20 years now. We used to have carpets on bedrooms and stairs, so vacuum cleaner is really needed on my parent's house. We learn how to vacuum since we're in school and get used to it since it is far more better than conventional brooming.

The main problems with conventional vacuum cleaner is the high energy consumption, the limit sets by the cord and often being tangled with the cord also something that I hate, the loud sound of a vacuum cleaner where we usually use it when no one wants to sleep, the dust bag that we have to often replace (waste of money) or the one that we continually have to wash (but last for a year max before it torn apart), bulky and often very heavy, the air being flown from the machine is still contain fine dust hence it's like spraying dirty air everywhere, not durable enough, doesn't really practical for room to room especially when you live in a couple stories home.


These things mentioned above doesn't apply with Dyson V6 Cord Free. I really want to have the V8 but the price is really high. In USA it was supposed to be around 300$ while in Indonesia V6 is around Rp. 7 mio (that's steep) and V8 is around Rp. 10 mio (staggering price for a vacuum cleaner). So pretty much doubled the original price. I do understand maybe they have a lot of regulations, bureaucracy and any  of that (crap) which make the price so high and makes us want to cry. Like vacuum cleaner is not the only thing I want in my home, I want a dishwasher, air purifier, hydroponic plants, talking fridge, oh well, let's just say I want cool things in my home which made my life easier.

I once told my husband, I prefer to invest in a really good tools than paying a helper. I like to keep everyone in my house independent, I hate to see someone who can't even get water by themselves or doesn't even know how to iron their own shirt (hopefully he doesn't read my post), or can't even cook a decent meal. I like my kids to grow and become a person that able to do everything around the house. Recent statistic (in US not Indonesia...yet), city kids doesn't even know how to boil egg or mend their own button or even keep their home clean and organized.

Okay, back to the vacuum cleaner, here are the specifications of why I choose V6 (other than the price):


It's clearly lighter than most vacuum cleaner with the similar sucking power (that I know at least), it may have shorter run time compared with a cord one (it's endless as long as the cord is plugged) but I do surprise how 20 minutes can do so much, slim and handy in getting through tight space and the roller on the cleaner head is superb, I can bend it almost anywhere to go into under the bed, and best of all, the lifetime filter.


Never forget to mentioned the simplicity of emptying the bin, just press the button and everything goes out, click them back up to securely put them back to work.And almost everything is washable here, except the motor for sure, but everything that detachable is cleanable using running water, perfect for a squeaky clean freak lover for me. I can clean all those fine dust inside feels somehow like it was a new product every single time.

Aside from being clean-proof the material also really smooth and good. Like the surface is far better than any other vacuum cleaner I had. So it made cleaning them far easier too. I know for some people cleaning the cleaning device thoroughly is not necessary, but I like to keep everything clean, including the tools.


There are many things I love beside being so clean and easy to be cleaned and how it clean the things cleanly... :D

The vacuum cleaner is light, far lighter than any vacuum I have, perhaps it's due to the cordless and how small the motor and everything is (but the tack that filled with dirt and dust is bigger than most dust bag), the material is strong yet doesn't feel heavy whatsoever, even my girls could help me vacuum.

There are three heads provided, one is a short brush, the one I use most when I'm cleaning the floor (image above) and the one slim head with a long neck for tight spaces shown on the image below.


All of them are easily detached and attached with a click away. Everything is securely made and perfect for any occasion and condition. I used them for beds, carpets, hard wooden floor, ceramic floor, curtains, and every other surface there is and I really enjoy using them as it sucks almost everything.

I recently moved and the new home always feels dusty at first, right?! But with Dyson V6 the house is cleaned way faster and I can clearly see the difference between getting them cleaned with or without Dyson V6. I used to have a maid too where she already mopped the floor so many time yet when I operated V6 and see the dust tank, I was shocked to see how many dust it gets. So it really is the best one I have.

When I traveled to Korea, I went to one of the biggest playground for children in their most iconic theme park and every 20 minutes the place is cleaned using, well, Dyson vacuum cleaner is the one doing it.

There are the possibility that it is V8 and not V6, I learned that V8 is not much of a different than V6 (aside from the wall adapter as a charging base included), in terms of ability. V8 is stronger with 115 AW and bigger bin and head. But having most of the hard floor in my home, V6 is better for me, and slimmer too since I have petite figure.

V8 does last longer (40 minutes) but charged longer too.


Now, let's get back to V6, another key feature is their max button, but it can be automatically 'on' when in need. Like when I'm vacuuming a thick carpet of a fabric sofa, and yes, it can clean my fabric sofa too haha! It just turned on and suck stronger. The best thing about being all that, have I mentioned that they trapped the fine dust too, so far I haven't hear any of my kids sneezing when II vacuumed and I am pretty sensitive to with dust. Other vacuum cleaner made us sneeze like crazy so everyone have to be outside the room.

I do still suggest opening up the windows when vacuuming and it's good for the air circulation too yet V6 itself is great.

I've been reading many good raves on Dyson products too, hopefully I can soon have their hair dryer too so I can review them for you, plus my husband is going to buy their blade-less fan. Its like we're a fan of Dyson now.


Don't forget that even thou' they are made from though carbon material, do handle them with care, they are still pricey for sure. Clean them wisely, like the filter too, check their website for further information like warranty and so on.

I was told that the filter to be cleaned at least once a month while the staff that sells me one told me there's no need doing it too often. I suppose I just follow the instruction at the website and wash it gently using nothing but my hands then let it dry for at least 24 hours.


That's it! My rave and praises to the V6, a product that cleans super well and give me nothing but pure happiness everytime I clean my house (or car) using it. The detachable heads is easy, works like a charm for different situation and looks well made. You know, not that kind of cheap things that from ugly material and need brute force to connect the head, this one is designed well and clicked well. Like truly made for each other.

One head even adjusted to two, for fabric surface or hard, it's in one head. This show how Dyson think things thoroughly and why they have become the 'it' item. And even thou' the vacuum cleaner is famous for being a pet vacuum, I (who don't own any) could still benefited from the product.


Thank you so much for reading my post, hope you enjoy it somehow :D

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