Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Natural Thing Ba-Yu Lotion and Cream

Hello lovelies,

have you ever tried a product made with horse oil in it? Apparently this ingredient is common in Japan like lanolin in Australia. So when hubby when to Hokkaido he happens to find some of Hokkaido's 'treasures'.

Here's some info I found in the website (do mind the google translation):


We will deliver the natural natural materials 100% of Hokkaido .

Horse oil products of their products to stick to natural natural materials , safety , and will deliver the changes in the peace of mind and your skin . Also concerning pet care deodorant We are proud that the person who provides a relaxing mood your mood except for health management and Moyamoya feeling of air precious pet .

Enjoy Come relax your worry .

In this post I'll share a review on the lotion and the cream (and yes, they still produce many others)


NT lotion [ Contents 310ml Price: 2000 yen ]

● hyaluronic acid , collagen , coenzyme Q10 formulation

to protect your skin from drying and rough skin , tend to lack of moisture

I am healthy to keep your skin .

The lotion itself is a clear and comfortable softening lotion for the skin that gives instant hydrating effect. The only thing that I would suggest is I would like it in spray form instead of conventional bottle.

How to use: Tap it gently on the clean skin right using pat-pat motion with the palm. Let the skin absorb the thin watery product before using serum or moisturizer.

The texture itself is very pleasing, a bit slippery and like a water that has been infused with so many goodness. I don't find it sticky, greasy nor oily. I can also use it using a cotton pad that has been damped and leave it sit on the skin for a while before continuing my routine.

There are no scent or other distinctive 'flavor' in the lotion, just like using a thick water.


2000 yen Contents 100g... NT cream

● hyaluronic acid , collagen , coenzyme Q10 and horse oil

I leads to moist tail skin .


I don't think the information given by the website give much help haha! I put my best in reviewing the product so mostly this is only about experience in using the product.

The cream turn out to be a gel cream with a white fluffy formula that feels comfortable on the skin as well. This is heaven for those with dry skin without the greasiness. I enjoy using this cream so much that it replace my other 'branded' moisturizer because it provide the moisture that my dry and cranky skin need. Perhaps it is due to the formula that are made for dry skin.


Same goes with the lotion, there are no scent or any feeling beside the sensation of a fresh gel cream hydrating the skin. The skin will be moist all day long. It's like my skin is drinking a juicy formula, very pleasant. I wish this product is more available everywhere since it doesn't even available in many shops in Tokyo, we only found it in a specialty shop in Hokkaido.


When reading the site, they do deliver everywhere, but for Indonesia, we all know how difficult it is to get through everything (blah).

As seen on the image below (from the website), they also have a cleansing bar (which I don't have).



These are a very wonderful products that are gentle to the skin and very comfortable when used (noticed the many 'very'?!) but unfortunately they don't provide much information on their site and not really available in many places (even in Japan). Their price itself is considered not cheap (since there are many brands and product in Japan at the drugstores) but the quality matched perfectly and worth every penny for dry skin.

Can normal skin uses it? At dry climate yes, but I recommend those with dry skin for the cream and lotion for everyone to enjoy.

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