Monday, January 12, 2015

Himalaya Herbals Whitening Day Cream

Hello everyone,

here's a moisturizer from Himalaya Herbals called "Whitening Day Cream", from clear complexion series the day cream is made to be used on day time.

Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream
A light and non greasy cream, enriched with extracts of Licorice and White Dammar, provides triple whitening action
  • Regulates melanin synthesis to give a fairer, brighter complexion
  • Helps clear dark spots and uneven pigmentation
  • Breakthrough herbal Cinnabloc provides UV protection and prevemts skin darkening

Key Ingredients:

  • Licorice
  • White Dammar

Directions for use:

Massage gently on cleansed face and neck, morning and night. May be used alone or under make-up


The product itself looks plain, a glass jar with green top. The color of the cream is velvety beige suede with a hint of cream. The texture itself is addictive, it feels wonderful on the skin, it may looks thick but on the skin it glides on effortlessly, light and comfortable at the same time. It can be a perfect match to almost all skin type, from slightly dry, normal to slightly oily. It made the skin feels moist and ready for the day, in terms of greasiness, I think it's in the low level, as in not so greasy but definitely not matte.

The moist effect last for a day until the afternoon shower.

Does it help in terms of whitening? Hmm, for me it does have a soft 'blurring' effect on the skin and increase the fairness a bit, but all in a natural and non shocking way. The scent itself is quite strong, it's the first thing that I noticed when opened it, it smells like a very fragrant herbs.

Thank you Himalaya Herbals.

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