Friday, January 16, 2015

Heroine Make Mascara Remover

Hello pretty,

this is another product from Heroine Make, it's not a mascara or eyeliner, it's a remover for those heavy duty mascara that stays on the lashes real tight and clingy. Like the Super Waterproof Mascara by Heroine Make.


The product is in a pink pen shaped container. Very cute and the details by the image is informative while the language are all in Japanese.


Below are information found on the website.


When using the remover no tugging, pulling, rubbing, massaging is needed. Just brush the liquid onto the lashes and let it sit for a minute before using a tissue to clean it. Make an envelop using the tissue on the lashes to cover it and then gently press the tissue together where the lashes are in between the tissue and the mascara will come off effortlessly.


This is so far the best mascara remover I've tried. The clear formula is clear and very light plus it doesn't sting the eyes when accidentally goes into the eyes. After applying the mascara also doesn't bleed, perhaps it's because I'm using Heroine Make Mascara, until I reach the tissue and then it's come off.


After brushing the lashes with the wand, it remain clear and I don't have to wipe it off with a tissue (like other wand for mascara remover). It stays clear.


The shape is like a brush shown on the packaging but other part is rounded like the image above.

After usage the lashes feels soft, clean and doesn't leave any mascara behind.

Highly recommended for sure.

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