Saturday, January 31, 2015

High Tea with Bio Oil

Hello lovelies,

Yesterday, I went to a lovely event with Bio Oil, a high tea at Cacaote in Senopati area. Arriving after a traffic jam and heavy rain soon after in this oasis like atmosphere is just wonderful. It could have been perfect if this is a non smokers only, or at least at the indoor area.

The decoration at Cacaote is lovely, perfect for a tea time indeed.


Everything is 'infused' with Bio Oil here, at every table we can try, sniff, and proved the lightness of the oil by how easy it is penetrating into our skin.


I enjoyed the scent very much, it's a mix of lavender, calendula, chamomile, and rosemary. Calming, soothing and very comfortable.

The oil is a dry oil that easily goes into the skin, creating a velvety soft and smooth finish on the skin. When use on the facial skin (especially at night), use it like a serum and top it off with a night cream.

Nowadays I use it all over the body skin, facial, and skin. It helps them moisturized. On the hair, I only put it on the ends and never on the scalp. But I think, it can be used as a pre-wash treatment.


Soon, the event began and the sharing on the benefits of tea as well. The theme somewhat resembles to the ingredients inside Bio Oil.


All of us are greeted by the warmth of Chamomile tea. Did you know that there are correct ways to consume tea?

One of the mistake we always do is leaving the tea bag inside the water for too long. Noticed how some tea bag put details on the minutes? That's determine the length of time, after those minutes are pass, remove the tea out from the pot, and yes, the tea expert at the event do recommend us to use the tea pot since it helps the leaves/flowers/ or other tea 'material' into the right temperature consistency until their 'minutes' are up.


There are different kind of teas, from leaves, fruits, flowers and even roots. How it process also made a huge differences, like white tea, black tea, and green tea.

I personally love fruit teas and white tea since they taste light and refreshing. For black teas I preferred the one with added milk.

The benefit on the tea can be achieved when we do each of them in the right manner and in the right time. A single tea could have different benefit on us when taken fresh or after sit on for hours or days.


This is the correct color of Chamomile tea, yellow and not dark. Teas are best consume when it is still hot.


So, this adorable tea pot is not just for decoration, right?!

Now, as the tea start warming our body and the delicate cakes as well, Bio Oil team start sharing their knowledge on the product to all of us.

They explain how to use it, by gently massaging the oil onto the skin using our finger tips, this is definitely not easy on wide areas such as tummy, waist and ehm...buttocks especially during pregnancy, we seriously somehow become too lazy to even more our finger so I personally patting my self on the back for just using it regularly with my palms ^^

And on the facial skin, it might feels oily for those with oily skin, but still can be used only at night time and before a night cream.

On the hair, I used it on a cleaned and damp hair, right after shower, on the middle to the ends and with fingers. continue by blow-drying the hair using a brush. I love how it makes the hair shines but without weighting it down, for me this is just lovely and gives the hair the right amount of 'healthiness'.

Noticing that there's a questions here and there especially on the 'how long' should we use Bio Oil and when does it start showing effect?

I'm using it on my stretch-marked area (tummy and everything from pregnancy) for months before it starts showing dramatic result, so it's not just significant, but dramatic, as in real moment changing experience, as the dark and sagging skin turns into fair and much more firmer, like they gain life once again.

Who noticed the first time? Hubby, not me, hubby. My first daughter also notices the differences. It made a 9 years strechmarks fade like by far and the new ones doesn't even exist. So it does depends on the severity of the scar (wounds, injury, surgery, stretchmarks, acne, etc). The deeper and severe it is the more time Bio Oil need to heal the skin. It may take months, on me it took two big bottles of 120 ml and another on in used until I can witness that 'dramatic' effect by using it daily and right after shower when the skin is still damp, and do I massage it with my finger tips? Nope heehee, with my palms for sure.

Thank you so much Bio Oil Indonesia for having me.

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