Monday, July 10, 2017

Paul and Joe The Oil

Hello lovelies,

I know my last post is about face oil too, let's just say I've been really nuts about oils lately. They are wonderful and known to be the secret to beauty for centuries. Many women in the old age beliefs that oils helps nourish the skin, keeping them young, flexible and plump.

Holding the same principle, Paul & Joe comes up with The Oil.


During a beauty festival held by Paul & Joe, Anna Sui, Max Factor and many other brands, I got one myself. The Oil, the one that I tried during the event and fell in love with. It look so innocently beautiful and faultless. I want to have it immediately and ever since, I've been using it for weeks.


Here's why I love it:

A new method of skincare that envelops your skin with enriching pure oil. Your skin texture immediately softens with this oil.
Everything you desire – plump, glowing, hydrated skin drenched in moisture.

How to use: Saturate a cotton pad with oil.
Apply a generous amount of oil onto cotton pad & apply it to the face by softly gliding the pad in one direction.
Note: Applying product in excessive circular motions may result in damage to skin.

Tip: Apply extra oil on palms or fingertips and gently massage facial muscles for further relaxation.


Above are the ingredients of the product and yes, it still contain some fragrance. As seen, the main ingredient are oils. If you read the list of ingredients, always check on the order, whatever comes first is the main or the most thing put inside and the least ones are the ones on the last mentioned.

Olive oil itself are divided into many categories from being the purest to the grades of the quality, so you can't really just put any olive oils from the supermarket expecting the same result, there's many other factors.


And seems like the brand Paul & Joe also gave us a very distinct instruction on how to use the product, however, I prefer using it as a daily serum and by fingers only. Using a cotton pad soaked with the oils usually will irritate my skin, not because of the oils, but the nature of the cotton itself.

Every time I'm using products with cotton such as cleanser, toner, serum, or just about anything, the cotton not only gives what it soaked with, but takes. Cotton helps exfoliate the skin, so using products such as softener, softened the skin and the cotton can easily takes stuff we known as dead skin cells away but when the deads are removed, the fresh young skin beneath is exposed, too much pressure, or over-exfoliation can hurt the skin. For those with sensitive skin like mine (especially around the cheeks) will feel immediate sensation from tightness to sting pain.  So to avoid all that, I'm using my palm and fingers only during application, and as for the toner, I'm using face mist.

Hence, about skincare or anything in your life (to be frank) is personalized everything. Every little thing as we are not created as one single human being, we are complex, things that might works on some people may not work for you, even when everyone says use a toner with cotton pad, you might still have allergies to cotton, it's just common, it's common to be uncommon. So use according to your own best. Sometime, if you're like me, I need to mix and match my skincare, I use different brands from face mist to toner, refresher, toner, softener, serums, pre serums, moisturizers, day cream, night to sunscreen, as long as they works like a charm, they are mine.


Now, back to The Oil that gave me this flawless like radiance, it comes in a oil form that aren't as liquid as other face oils I know, it is rather like 'normal oil'. It has a subtle scent, kinda like faint citrus and a bit of floral too, it was pleasant and I like it a lot. I wish the texture could be a bit less thick but when used together with a face mist, I found no problem whatsoever. It does have oily feeling,  but my skin enjoys and embrace it a lot, they feel comfortable as no more dryness nor tightness, especially during night time, the oils is like a well that kept my skin moist all night long, waking up after using the oils and night watery cream is just wonderful. Like I just had a good 10 hours of sleep (8 hours wont do for me :D) with a skin humidifier breath to my skin nonstop.


a great product to be used on daily, but it doesn't stand alone, it need other products such as toner, face mist, or skin softener to help with the application and absorption, plus it still need a moisturizer to seal the deal.

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