Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip

Hello lovelies,

today I want to share about my recent splurge on a lippies from Bobbi Brown, which I actually bought a few months ago when they are still a new arrival in Singapore. The product went for sale like cupcakes, several 'famous' shades are running out of stock, luckily, I got mine, the boldest of them all, Boysenberry.


Bobbi Brown's super-pigmented, squeezable liquid lipstick. Delivers semi-matte, full-coverage color that’s creamy, moisturizing and lightweight. Plus, the long-wearing formula stays color true for gorgeous all day wear. Available in 16 nude, bright and bold shades.

Unlike traditional liquid lipsticks that can feel uncomfortable, Art Stick Liquid Lip glides on easily, feels lightweight and keeps lips comfortably moisturized.

 Squeeze as you apply, starting on bottom lip. Blot lips together, then apply on top lip. Layer to fill in any gaps.


The product comes in a tube crayon-like shape that easy to squeeze and this slightly thick creamy liquid will come out. It may appear so full of color but it was not all at once, I find the product buildable, so by applying layer by layer I can achieve that same intensity of boldness on my lips.

The formula is definitely not drying but far from oily too, so it is amazing in terms of texture and consistency. With the demi matte finish, it have a very good staying power that stays true for hours and hours. Not completely transfer proof nor waterproof, but it is long lasting and stays there until I use my makeup remover. It's wonderful and I can eat or drink as much as I want it too, I thought when I have some french fries the lippies would be completely disappear, but most of them stay. Unlike most liquid lipstick that cracked or create this patchy leftovers when eating, this one just become fainter. So it doesn't have that coat kinda product that sticks and 'harden' when dried on the lips, it's like a very thin film.

And since they stick thinly on the lips, like I'm using none, I even forget that I'm using lippies whenever I'm using Art Stick Liquid Lip. 


I can clearly understand the rave, so the product  is not like regular lipstick that we can feel the wax, it's creamy liquid but the creamy feeling vanished when distributed, it's light and fine, enveloping the lips with pure color and seems like nothing else. No grease, oil, sticky residue, tightness, taut, nor dry and just about anything that can be categorized as felt. Still of course, when I'm applying it really thick to get that exact color like shown on the packaging, I have to reapply several times and when I did that, there are some creamy (still comfortable) sensation on the lips.



a great lipstick for those who put comfort, safety, quality first and then color. It may not be as satisfying (in terms of pigment) on the first layer compared to other liquid lipstick with powerful oomph color. But in a way, at least for me, it's beautiful and I can use it all day long without worries of it will smear off (much) or looking completely lip-less. No breaks nor icky residue, just the lips, being happy.

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