Friday, July 7, 2017

BeautyLabo Hair Color

Hello lovelies,

how are you? I hope everyone is well and happy. I have been through so many things for these past few weeks, from getting iLasik, kidney stone, to holiday and everything in between. It's like a roller coaster ride lately and been to many ups and downs. While so, some of my reviews have to be postpone, sorry for the delays, I hope you understand.

After getting things sort out, this is the first review I can do from the long hiatus, it's a hair color from Beauty Labo with a collaboration with Kawaii Beauty Japan.


The collection consist of fashion colors that are young, fresh and hips. They are from Japan, so the quality and practicality definitely well proven. Contain Almond and Coconut Oils that are known to be good for the hair, especially in making them shiny and smooth.

Inside the box, there's the cream and developer, plus some details of information and plastic gloves. The product is easy to be applied by hands and mine is Apricot Candy.

You can easily choose other colors such as Natural Black, Dark Brown, Natural Blonde, Pure Beige, Raspberry Pink, or mine (Apricot Candy).


How to prepare:

Simply open sachet and put it inside the bottle where the developer and cream can be mixed together as a hair color formula. Shake them well after closing the lid.

At first the color are still white with yellowish tone, after a while mine turns into this purple creamy formula, this is the normal shade of formula for the color with a reddish tone.


It is always best to color the hair when it is on it's 'dirty' condition. Dirty as in haven't been washed for at least 24 hours, some people even said the longer the better, but I think if it's too long and the hair is too dirty, it will create some problems too. Like if the hair is too oily, the formula will not be able to work properly. So 24-48 hours should be good enough, and if your hair is really damaged (like mine) do use a leave in conditioner on the ends of the hair to help with extra protection for the hair.

After making sure that the hair is ready for coloring (brushed and you have worn your worst clothing where you won't mind it getting stained), use the gloves and petroleum jelly on hair lines and the side of the ears that might get some colorant. I use some on my neck too. The petroleum jelly helps prevent staining and all I need is wiped it off if the colors get on to it.


Afterwards, I parted my hair into sections, color per section starts from the back, all the way to the front. One package is enough for my medium length hair. The formula is easy to be spread all over the hair, using a wide tooth comb also helps making sure all the parts are getting some colors.

I waited around 30-40 minutes for the color to fully developed. I rinsed them off afterwards with running water all the way until the water turns clears. At first it was really thick and rather stiff. Add a bit of warm water and massage the hair off, it helps the hair too to get untangled.

Use a lot of conditioner or hair mask for colored hair afterwards if your hair is as damaged as mine so the hair can stay smooth and soft. Dry as usual and admire the new hair color.


Above is my before hair color, dull and faded. Below image is the after, the hair regain it's color again, bright and beautiful. I must say, Candy Apricot shade create a brighter hue for my skin tone. 

The coconut and almond oil does help my hair to appear better, if I continue to took care of my hair properly, I can maintained the color and hair condition for the best. Healthy hair definitely looks prettier, they'll shine and stronger too.


Soon after, I went to Bali for a few days, I swam and enjoy my days under the sun, the color stays, even with that many washes. I'm happy with the result, the color not easily worn out and there's still shine on my hair.

I did some terrible things by having my hair permed and bleached in such a short period, they didn't have time to heal nor survived, hence the color on the part where the hair is severely broken looses the color faster than the rest (healthier part).



Beautylabo Hair Color provide a fashion color with a vivid and long lasting effect that suits our skin tone as the shades are gorgeous and perfect for a trend setter. The fresh tone gave me a younger looking and made me feels good about myself.

The product is very easy to be used at home without expertise and as long as we read the instruction and details thoroughly the chance to fail is near impossible.

Thank you so much Kawaii Beauty Japan and Beautylabo for the opportunity to review Candy Apricot, see you again soon!!

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