Saturday, April 26, 2014

Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry

Hello gorgeous!!!

Original Source seems to never fails me in terms of expectation. Another rave review is presented to you with Vanilla and Raspberry lingering on my nose thanks to Original Source. 

I love the fresh berries mixed with vanilla, the scent become so delicious, sweet and intoxicating. I feel pampered and loved at the same time. Like when having a creamy delights of berries and vanilla ice cream altogether in a big tall glass. Topped with cherry and I think I have the best dessert ever. Well, in this case the best dessert for my skin. The soft and smooth creamy gel caressing the skin, making them clean, smells good, and so soft to the touch. It was a delicate experience that I feel comforting in so many ways. 

Use it with a piece of clothe or a sponge, but I find it more rewarding with a soft clothe. The foam is nicely done, not as many as the other variant but creamy adding that delicious vanilla, it was an experience that make rainbow looks prettier. 


Thank you so much Original Source, please keep adding new collections to makes us happy, interested, and pampered. 

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