Monday, April 7, 2014

Kiehl's "Let Us Change Your Skin" Program for Bloggers

Hello lovelies,

Kiehl's has a new thing going on that I'm sure a lot of their customers already found out, it's "Let's Us Change Your Skin" (LUCYS) by Kiehl's. The program has started some time ago and has limitation, but Kiehl's would never stop in giving free consultation and free samples for anyone to help them getting to know their skin better and get the right products for their skin type and needs.


Now, for a whole month, I'll be one of the blogger collaborating with Kiehl's Indonesia for LUCYS program. You'll witness my skin's condition from time to time using Kiehl's products. But first, I have to come to their counter and have my skin checked by the KCR (Kiehl's Customer Representative).


I went to one of the branch, which is in Seibu, Grand Indonesia. Started with an oil check on forehead and cheek to determine the skin type. And then series of questions and examination by the KCR, simple, quick and what is good about Kiehl's is that they'll give us free samples to try which products that suits the skin, where then we may proceed in only using the products we see benefits and good reaction from the skin.


Since the choices are quite varied and Kiehl's do offer a variety of mix and match products according to the skin's need, I do have plenty of options as well.


I've tried most of them but never have a change to use them as a package since, hmm, when reviewing, I usually use 1-2 items and combine with products from another brand. In this opportunity, it will be be just me and Kiehl's products.


Here they are, some of the products recommended by the KCR, later the "prescription" will be sent to Kiehl's office. Stay tune, as soon I'll reveal the products they've sent me.

Thank you Kiehl's Indonesia.

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  1. can't wait for the review!
    Kiehl's are so generous when it comes to samples :D
    i'm using their Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser now, and i'm quite satisfied with the result, my blemishes are gone in just a few days.
    Going to review it when i have a little bit much time :)

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