Saturday, April 26, 2014

COW Beauty Soap (Cow Brand Red Soap Box)

Hi everyone :) 

Have you heard Cow Brand Beauty Soap ? They have launched varies of soaps in Indonesia. This is one of the product they have. The red box is rose scented. For me the scent is quite mild and didn't stay long. The soapy effect is normal, doesn't give the skin an overly dry effect. It was something that in between, clean and almost squeaky so it's still quite comfortable.


Since it was in a bar (not liquid) some may find it a bit troublesome to be used, well, at least not as practical as liquid soaps. The lathering effect is quite nice and the froth created is light. I'm using a foaming net to help me create more bubbles, but I think a sponge or wash clothe also will do the trick.

Overall, it is a simple product and does a simple cleansing for the body, easy to be used, friendly to the skin (kids and grown ups), smells good (mild but still good), and wont give the skin a squeaky dry effect, yet a good body lotion is still needed afterwards.

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