Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hello lovelies ^__^

BCBGMAXAZRIA launched their perfume some time ago and now made available in Indonesia. This is a clip of the press release:


The price for a 100 ml is Rp. 920.000. The EDP or Eau De Parfum is a lovely pinkish liquid that smells fresh, sweet and I can clearly understand why the celebrities are loving it.


The packaging is beautiful and the details is suffice, internationally they have launched another version of the perfume.

Silver with a thing like pink ribbons and the flowers that looks like the lid.


They look so pretty in the pink hues. glowing and this slightly tilted acrylic is just beautiful to looked at.


I love it, the bottle is collectibles for being so pretty on it's own. It's a bit heavy so I don't think the product is suitable for traveling but definitely made the dresser looks ultra feminine and well decorated. And the smell, ooh, I love the fresh floral, lightness of the base (I'm not a big fan of sandalwood and it's a good think they just put a hint of it and definitely not too much). It's a mixture of a perfume that so soft and gentle but gives a lingering flowery musk and creamy formula that I found irresistible, contemporary and young at the same time.


Suitable for those who are looking for a feminine scent that are fresh, calming and so wonderful. Very much floral yet subtle, like a whipped cream without the milk mixed with rose, lilies and violet. Bottom line? An enchanting perfume.

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