Saturday, April 26, 2014

Week 3 with Kiehl's "Let Us Change Your Skin"

Hi everyone,

This is my third week with "Let Us Change Your Skin" program with Kiehl's Indonesia. This is my picture of week 3. The skin feels refreshed, rejuvenated, hydrated and less lines even thou I just went through a c-sect and lack of proper sleep. I must say, using Kiehl's skincare routine daily did help the skin stays looking optimal. 

On this post I'll put some emphasize on these three items, Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream that helps my eyes looking younger and didn't show signs of exhaustion. The vit c from Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate (PSLRC) that gives the skin a high daily boost of vit c that helps reducing the lines on the areas such as laughing lines, forehead, chin and overall. It helps the skin clears up as well. And my utmost favorite, the Ultra Facial Cream. 

Start from the eye cream, this small container packed up a punch in getting the eyes area looks younger. The cream is a bit thick but only a dab is needed on each usage. The cream is light on the skin and melts instantly. This whole package can last for 2-3 months when used twice daily. Sometime I'm using the cream at my laughing lines too, it helps relaxing the area so it appears smoother.The hydrating ability also feels good on the area applied. 

The product contain Copper PCA and Calcium PCA as the main ingredients. 

This is the high vit c serum. Vit c has been used widely for our overal well being. In skincare vit c is known as serum to be applied directly on the skin, many brands, manufacturers and dermatologists has been using it to help clears the skin as in brightening and even out the skin tone with less visible pigmentation. Kiehl's also using it as a powerful line reducing concentrate. The velvety smooth texture is addictive and made it compatible to be used with other serum from Kiehl's and followed by moisturizer. The high content of vit c made it super effective, other brands usually only contain 5% of vitamic c. It is also known that vitamin is not strong enough against heat, so during usage it is best to wait a while before stepping out in the sun and using a good sun protection as well during day time. 

The famous moisturizer from Kiehl's that earn a "must have item in every household" in South Korea is filled with ingredients that made sure the skin stays hydrated as it best feature. I personally love and recommended this particular item to anyone, especially those suffering from dry skin. We may not live in a cold and dry climate but we do stay in an aircon room almost every day. The drying effect is almost the same. 

The variant of Ultra Facial Cream comes in original (like mine) and oil free for those who have dehydrated skin and oily features. 

Stay tune for more update on week 4 with Kiehl's. Btw, have you participated as well? You can get your skin checked at any Kiehl's counter and redeem free samples too. 

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