Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Little Brown Box

Hello everyone!!!

I guess at this stage my readers are fully aware that I'm a perfume addict. from around 25-35 bottles of perfumes hanging out on my dressers (yes, more than 1 dresser), cupboards (yes, still emphasizing on the s), bookcase and even my girl's bedroom, I love perfume, they created layers of moods and aura for the user. It's something that completes one's look, makeup or appearance. Like my presence is also made more noticeable with perfume.

Perfume also represent an era, history or moments. Like always carry one perfume during traveling and I'm using it only during that period of time at that place, it is something that when later on, as I sniffed it again, I experience the world that I used to be. It's creating a wholesome experience from the eyes, skin and the air surrounding me. Like a special perfume I used when I'm going out with my friends, or family, or my special someone during special occasion, it is something that personal and for me, completes me.

Now, as someone who highly appreciate perfumes, and with collection that filled my home, I need a constant update on what's new, what's going on in the perfume world and what's in the trend right now, at this same exact moment an offer comes from My Little Brown Box that exuberantly accepted by me. 



As I'm checking out www.mylittlebrownbox.com, I see many things that interest me, from the clean layout, simple yet looks wonderfully neat, and pays attention to the details, making the whole website seems like exclusively selling high priced items. But please do take a look on each of them, they are selling it below the prices we found at the malls.

Pssst!!! Some says that the perfume at some particular malls has been compromised. It is a rumor thou, but a very well known rumor.

My Little Brown Box guaranteed the originality on each of their products. They are only providing the genuine real perfume from real manufacturer. Screenshots of the websites are here to gives you proofs on how My Little Brown Box is the real deal.


Beside of those guarantees, My Little Brown Box also providing the customers or anyone a wonderful quiz where we can find the suitable perfume for your traits. For me, it's pretty much spot on ^__^ as seen above, I really enjoy citrus nowadays as it brings out the freshness (as the weather being quite hot and made me muggy). You can simply open the site and found out which perfumes matches you, the quiz is fun and quick as well.


To know a website is to know the person behind the website and her values, please do read it above. Their main goal is to fulfill the needs of real perfumes to the customer with practicality, no frills, no fuss. We all know in Indonesia fake perfumes are everywhere and on every corner. Be careful thou on purchasing them as it not just wasting money but can have bad effects on the skin, here's how to differentiate a fake one with real ones.


Read it more on My Little Brown Box ya and do stay tune as I will share more on my next post regarding My Little Brown Box.
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Mobile. 0816-180-7088
Pin BB. 273C2243

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  1. nice info. aku juga penggemar parfum soalnya hehehee btw sedikit koreksi, itu webnya salah :) harusnya www.mylittlebrownbox.com/ doank hehehee soalnya pake mlbbid jd ga bisa kebuka XD

  2. Dear Winda,

    Iya it's supposed to be for facebook, nanti disampaikan ke team My Little Brown Box ya :) Thank you.