Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My First Facial at IOMA

Hello lovelies,

A week ago, I went to IOMA at Seibu, Grand Indonesia. This time, I wanted to try their facial treatment at the counter. Everyone may enjoy this facial treatment for free after purchasing Bespoke (current promo).


The room is finished now, the condition is cool, temperature controlled and quiet. That's exactly what I need a peaceful place to do my face. After the hustling and bustling of the city being too jammed in the traffic, I need space and serenity. Do tell the BA (beauty adviser) if you want to have an undisturbed treatment time.


  The room is squeaky clean to my liking, the towels are spotless and the smell in here is wonderful.


Before the treatment began, my skin is being diagnosed and checked thoroughly, it seems like the bacterial activity is pretty high. But, since I'm pregnant, the BA advised me to do the hydration instead of anti bacterial just to be safe.


I changed into the towels given and start the process. Begins with essential oil, gentle exfoliating emulsion (scrub), so there's no painful extraction of the blackheads or pinching the acne. Continues with moisturizing toning lotion, ampoules oligo pro line, anti dryness mask, generous eye contour cream, serum hydratant optimum, optimum moisture cream day & night and finished with inoui elixir.

There are a lot of products used and the each product are presented with different massaging and application technique which made the treatment pretty special for each individual. So each item are given and prescribed according to the prior skin check right before the treatment.

For me the treatment is nice and the products are so wonderful, but I wish the BA would give me a gentler touch and the towels to be more softer to the facial skin. Beside those terms everything perfect.


And the immediate result is seen at the 'after' check. The skin gain hydration and the skin 'peeling' level also improving. I think the treatment deliver a week usage of their product in a matter of an hour.

Overall, this is a facial treatment with undisputed uniqueness, just like the rest of the products and brand's value where human skin aren't created to be 'one size fits all', the facial treatment also held up to the same policy. Giving each client a different approach, different products, different variation and different methods. Each of us may come in different timing and found our skin in different condition than before, the facial treatment will adjust to the needs at that moment. So for me, this truly divergent approach will be beneficial for individual for that spot on treatment every time.

Thank you IOMA Indonesia.

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