Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fighting Bacteria Activity with IOMA

Hi everyone,

couple of weeks ago, IOMA gave me their anti bacterial collection for my high bacterial activity (euhhhh) facial skin. It was on the maximum level and the reason behind the acne that keep reappearing on my chin. They don't look pretty and I want to get rid of them. Being pregnant is one thing so I need to carefully handle the matter as some ingredients are not advisable to be used during this sensitive period.

After performing some individual research (which I can't be hold responsible for the majority of the society), some ingredients can still be used under special circumstances and not for the long term, so a week max should be okay and don't use it intensely or in high concentrate.


Here they are, the scrub, mask, and day & night moisturizer. The eye cream is in the anti-wrinkle range (number 3). All of them are in sachets and only 2 each, except for the day and night moisturizer which is enough for 7 days.


Each of them has different texture and function. The scent also different, the anti bacterial range smells like medicine, I dislike the scent but enjoying the effect.


This is the mask, like a mud, it is used after cleaning the skin. I found it to be highly effective in reducing the bacterial activity on the skin yet still feels so friendly to the skin, no irritation nor discomfort occurred. Usually, for mask with mud that help reducing bacterial activity, my skin will have some redness and tightness due to the drying effect, IOMA Absorbent Mask doesn't do that. The skin remains calm and clean.


This is the eye cream from number 3, the anti wrinkle collection which I love love love. The texture is like a soft snow gently touching the skin near the eyes, it melts and give this wonderful sensation, so silky and velvety at the same time, comforting and richly hydrating the area. Smoothen out and calming the skin beautifully, too bad I only have two sachets, I wish I have the whole full size. In terms of texture and feeling plus immediate effect, this is the best eye contour cream I've tried.

And since in a sachet there's still so much left and I don't want to leave it open aired, I used some of it on my laughing lines too, I don't remember who gave me this tips but, anti wrinkle eye cream can be used on 'other' wrinkles too, like the laughing lines.


The scrub, the tiny beads that helps clean the skin and has this warm sensation when applied. The skin's dead cells uplifted and make them ready for the next step. IOMA reminds me the importance of keeping the skin 'scrubbed' now and then so the nutrients from the skincare can penetrate into the skin. Do it correctly but not using harsh ingredients or too often, once a week is enough and using the correct product like from IOMA ^__-


Last but definitely not least on this post is day and night moisturizer, no, it is not empty, the gel is clear as it is. Easy to be used and there's also that familiar warm feeling on the skin once applied. At first, they feel sticky, but wait for a while and the clear gel will absorb nicely to the skin, leaving no trace, this is good, but I still hate the smell (yucks!).

Thank you IOMA Indonesia, looking forward to review more of your awesome products.

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