Monday, April 7, 2014

Original Source Lemon & Lime Shower Hair & Body (For Men?)

Hi all ^__^

I guess it is not a secret anymore, sometime I do like using products that are made for men. I know that the majority of beauty products are created for women but nowadays more cool stuffs are appearing for men that I found to be interesting and practical. Like this product below.


There are a few key points that allure me to get and use one:
1. To be used for hair and body, it's an all in one product for adult (where usually found on baby's or kid's head to toe......hmm, is there a resemblence between men and babies or kids?!).
2. Smells refreshingly taunting, it's between the freshness of a lemon and a bit like a dishwashing liquid with limes >.~
3. The bright color is attractive.
4. Truly reviving.
5. Natural fragrance.


In terms of reviewing the liquid. 

The smells good experience is wonderful and rejuvenating, really fresh and citrusey, like reaaalllyyyy freshh and realllyyyy citrusey. The yellow clear liquid easily lathers on the skin, use a sponge or bathroom lilies for more foaming action. I love to dispense them on the hair and use my hair to lather them up, it cleans the scalp and hair nicely,  I kinda think of it like a detox moment, it really feels like thoroughly cleans everything it touches. Then let the foam move into my body and clean them all as well. 

Surprisingly, the skin, the scalp, and hair doesn't suffer any dryness at all after usage. No squeaky clean discomfort like from after using a cheap shampoo from a cheap salon. The scalp is wonderfully clean, the hair too and shiny (still soft), -don't forget to always use conditioner afterwards-, and the skin, hmm, clean and fresh with no abrasive effect. 

Oh I wish they made one for unisex as well, I don't see why the others could have it too? The smells of vanilla all over the hair and body, or perhaps the strawberry, hmm. 

Stay tune for more reviews on Original Sources ^__^

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