Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Palmolive Aromatherapy Morning Tonic

Hello lovelies,

I'm back with more cleanser for the body. Oh yes, I'm definitely a sucker in terms of taking a shower or a bath, I meant in this hot weather, who could resist one?! I took a shower three times a day now, while doing so, I need a cleanser that do good on the skin, as some might strip off the skin's natural moisture. I don't want to have a dry and tight gripping skin, I need a soft, supple, cleanliness that I can enjoy. This one item provide the clean feeling I need without baring my skin to unnecessary dryness.


Palmolive Aromatherapy collection comes in three variants: Morning Tonic, Sensual and Anti-Stress. I love all three of them and this time it will be about the Morning Tonic. Why Morning Tonic, as the other two may smells a bit more to the woman side, the Morning Tonic offers something refreshing for the whole family. A citrus blend of lemongrass and tangerine essential oils, juicy!


The easily lathered product deliver soft foam and lathering effect. Expect big bubbles and fun time during showers as I can literally blow out a bubble. The wonderful refreshing scent is delightful to be used in the morning or just about anytime I need some mood booster. The formula is gentle enough for the kids too, so far my husband's sensitive and easily angered skin also enjoys the calming feeling and gentleness, yet the uplifting scent, is still one of the things he enjoys the most.

Now, as I strolled along Zalora I found many other body cleanser they have to offer, from Bath & Body Works to Dewi Sri Spa, hmm, I guess my adventure with body cleanser will keep on going ^__--.

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