Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lips Sticker

Hello everyone!!!

I'm trying the lips stickers now and get myself a bundle of these cute stickers ^__^

I used one for my sister for New Year's Party Look (HERE) and now, you may see many other designs.

There are irresistible!!! It is near impossible to create these look on lips with a mere brush and lip color, possible thou' but will took a whole lotta effort than just wet them and place these on the lips. And yes, eye's stickers are also available these days.

I'm so interested in them since I saw Kim K using it. For me they look so cool and the secret is just a water away.

This is the product I'm using, and behind the lips there's these lines to cut accordingly, do not cut them too small, so always begin with a bigger shape and try to map the lips accordingly.

Then peel the plastic cover and wet them over. It's like those sticker tattoo used during childhood (the one that comes in a bonus from gums).

And press the sticker gently on the lips and wait for a while, slide the paper slowly (like snail slow) and if there's a fold, fixed is asap when it still wet, again, gently. And after completely removing the paper, check whether there's changes need to be made. Always do it when the surface have no wrinkle (say aaaaaaahhh).

And ta da! It's done. Use a lip gloss to 'seal in' the lips or for a glossier look.

The stickers looks better after lip gloss but careful not to be too wet. Drink with straws and gently when eating. The stickers will easily cleaned with water alone and rubbing movements. Let's just say easy come, easy go.


  1. LOL it looks fun yet scary at the same time xDDD

  2. lucu banget stiker2nyaaa

  3. omg cool!!! <3 I want to try it later <3

  4. Hi all!

    Iya lucu n scary disaat bersamaan hehehe, tapi seru, bisa create berbagai macam look instantly :)

    Cobain Shasha, nanti share looknya ya di FB IBB hehehe.