Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kiehl's Bloggers Top To Toe Event

Hi everyone!

On the 20th of Dec 2012, beauty bloggers are invited to Kiehl's in Seibu and we were about to get bombarded with educations ^__^ Fret not, it's unlike those boring classes, this is a 411 on Kiehl's

When I'm step in the room is decorated with Christmas stuffs ... (sorry for the late post then, now probably already changed) and it feels like I'm in New York. The whole atmosphere is just lovely.

Look! Even Mr. Bones is all dressed up! And yes, promotions in the shop too! There's this things called Spread The Joy and their items (some) are the limited editions with cute packaging.

I feel the joy and laughter, those items are some of Kiehl's fave products. Lot's of bundle of joys are prepared for customers.

And ooh! I almost forgot the reason I'm hear, to introduce Kiehl's to the Indonesian Beauty Bloggers. New items, new products, long time favorite, their passion and love, a bit of the background and everything in between.

That's Ms. Sally, she is our host and she explains very well of everything we need to know about Kiehl's.


We get to try on their BB Cream (which I will review soon), new wrinkle cream, and all the bloggers can get their skin tested and consulted directly with the KCR's on the store.

The whole 'facecare solution" is getting better and better. They provided a wide varieties of needs, from the utmost sensitive skin to the ones with dry and scaly skin.  Oily, acne prone, men? They got it covered too!

Not convinced? Come to their store and get a free skin consultation and try some at home, they do have a policy "try before you buy" where they will provide you with samples.

Don't forget their new Aromatic Blend, click HERE for more info. It's the press event that I found very memorable and beautifully crafted by the team.

And now the bloggers are equipped with products, details, and memories from the event. All of the bloggers will share the post on the event and experiences in using the products given for a chance to win a full size product.

Thank you so much Kiehl's Indonesia for having us and readers, don't forget to support the cause at Kiehl's ya!

Last but not least, Happy New Year 2013!!!

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