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SILKYGIRL Silky Lips Sheer Lipcolor, Silky Lips Magic Pink Lip Balm, and

Hello ladies,

Here are some products from SILKYGIRL from their recent event (HERE).

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Silky Lips Magic Pink Lip Balm
is a fun-to-use magical lip balm that changes into a natural sheer pink color when applied on lips and has a formula that lock in 6 hours of moisture; keeping your lips moist, smooth and soft.

It contains anti-oxidants of Vitamin E to protect lips from the harmful drying effects of the environment and retains skin elasticity. It is available in 3 fun fruity flavors – Strawberry, Cherry and Fragrance free

Silky Lips Sheer Lipcolor or Color Lip Balm
Cool Girl Silky Lips Sheer Lipcolor is a lipcolor packed with generous amount of moisture and sheer color that also cares for the lips. It is infused with natural ingredients such as Chamomile Flower Oil, Hybrid Sunflower Seed Oil and Seaweed Extract. These properties help to smooth out roughness, relieve dryness and condition lips.

The Silky Lips Magic Pink Lip Balm is the one in pink packaging and white balm. The balm is melting on the touch of the lips, like butter on a hot pan. The mints is so cooling, wow, menthol indeed. I understand why they say it is fun to be used.

Mine is in 08 Strawberry and on the lips it's like sheer strawberry color, suitable for daily use for looking so light and the moisturizing effect as well. Feels a bit oily on the lips, I like to dab a tissue a bit so I don't look like I just ate something greasy.

But, when I dabbed the tissue on the lips there's not a dot of color there, just a clear balm. So probably the balm shade come out when reacted by ... warmth?

So I tried to draw them on a piece of paper, the Magic Pink Lip Balm looks purplish while the Color Lip Balm 04 Romantic Pink is ... pink on the paper ^__^

Pink on the lips and feels like a lip balm too. Moist, not as moist as the Magic Pink Lip Balm but still moist like a regular lip balm on the market.

The shade last for 3 hours and the lips stay moisturized. The color is bolder than the Magic Pink Lip Balm but not as pigmented as other lipstick. So still, SILKYGIRL is in their comfort zone in giving us a light cosmetics suitable for daily use and those whose young (at heart and real life) and a touch of caring with the nourishing oil and shea butter in it.

Overall, both of the Silky Lips products give the lips a silky feeling, moist and felt pampered. The Magic Pink Lip Balm have minty fresh sensation with sheer red color while Lipcolor gives the lips a bolder lips almost like a lipstick with a feeling also almost like the Magic Pink Lip Balm. Both product easily crumbled and the shape is smaller than my lips, too small perhaps, I wish it come on bigger form like regular lip balm, but maybe this product is made for teens or young customers with smaller lips.

Next on line, I'm trying the Shine-free Loose Powder, mine is 02 Natural Medium.

 A translucent loose powder for that finishing touch after your liquid foundation. This product gives you a soft and natural look. Eliminates shine with its oil-free formula. Available in 2 Asian shades.

The loose powder is easily used and the shade is a bit darker than my natural skin shade, so it looks like I've been spending hours at the beach. Aside from the color the loose powder does gives me a mattefying effect for around 4-6 hours in normal condition (inside building and not in heavy movement such as exercising). The powder is not super fine, so be careful when using it, brush is preferred than the given puff for better result.

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  1. the balms packaging is so cutee! hihihi..
    Maybe when I try and not liking it, i'd still carry it around for the cuteness sake.. hahaha.. :D