Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Melody Oil Free Moisturizing and Whitening 3D Fitting Mask

Hi skincare lover!

I hope you're here since you love your skin as much as I love mine ^__^

I'm sharing this product from Love More, a very very cute My Melody face mask.

This is Jiro Wang for Love More. Check out more infor on Love More on HERE and HERE.

Look at these cuties!! I feel so bad have to tear them apart to be able to use what's inside. My daughter also want to use it, they are so cute.

Here are some details from secretive.sg

And this is me using the mask, it was too big for me and the middle part can be tear up and voila, a better fit for my face, check out my before after picture of adjusting the mask.

From left to the ride side. On the images I'm using the My Melody Oil Free Moisturizing 3D Fitting Mask and the texture of the mask is lovely. Soft and cottony. Very juicy, and inside the packaging there are more liquid, I can even share this mask with one more person heehee, or after massaging the liquid for the neck and decollete.

The mask is indeed moisturizing and comforting too. The skin clearly love it and no sign of irritation whatsoever. The mask does feels better than other paper mask I've used for being chubbier and thicker ^__^

The mask can be used daily or weekly. The oil free moisturizing effect is gentle for all skin type including those with oily skin. Usually a product relies on the cute packaging alone but give little effect on the skin, My Melody Oil Free Moisturizing 3D Fitting Mask gives result too, not just sweet character.

Same goes with the Whitening one (pink packet), gentle to the skin, still gives a moisturizing effect and mild whitening result.

Both mask are recommended for the soft cottony quality, juicy mask, oil free effect and moisturizing the skin in an instant.


  1. omg packagingnya cute banget ce~ *mupeng* hehehe

  2. awww jiro wang *w*
    beli dmn ini cc?

  3. cc cute bangeeet masknya kalo aku mungkin sayang pakenya LOL :P

  4. Hi Shasha, Xiao Vee and Lyne,

    Iyaaa produknya lucu banget, My Melody emang top :) pas buka juga rasanya sayang banget.

    Produk-produk ini tersedia di Secretive.sg, iya di Singapore (sponsored).