Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Look of The Day with Maybelline Indonesia (incl Long Extreme Double Stretch) and SilkyGirl

Hi girls!

I'm making a LOTD with SilkyGirl and Maybelline. It's going to be simple and suitable for daily use, with a hint of green, it add some freshness to my newly colored hair.

I love how nowadays colors seems inhibited anymore, without being too bold Maybelline able to add green without being so heavy.

The eyeshadows is from Maybelline Hyper Diamonds GN-1 and SilkyGirl in EverGreen for the eyeliner.

Both products works well in creating a smooth gradation of green for the lids.

Now, mascara is definitely needed, I'm using Long Extreme Double Stretch that comes as a two in one mascara.

1 is in white, as a base coat for longer and more obvious lashes in an instant.

Where after a while the whites will dries out and become clearer. I coated it with no.2 which is the black mascara.

So easy to be used and the process may be repeated for a longer and heavier lashes.
The mascara is waterproof and smudge-proof too. Suitable for going on a date and watch a sad movie.

I wish the brush have smaller ends so it can help picking up shorter lashes.

This is the result when the eyes are closed. Instantly longer and more dramatic than before. I only coat them once with each step. Remember the steps can be repeated several time to create longer and fuller lashes but 3 times is max or the 'extension' will break.

Using a lash curler will help the lashes to curl up and open the eyes bigger.

Then, the final touch is a SilkyGirl Magic Pink Lip Balm which I think perfect to create a sultry light pinkish lips.

For me the look is perfect for a lunch date with hubby ^__^ fresh, simple and he doesn't have to wait too long for me getting ready haha!

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