Thursday, January 3, 2013

Must Have Red with Maybelline

Hello everyone ^__^

Finally, after spending the whole day in front of my lappie, this post can be done. As a part of Indonesian Beauty Blogger monthly make up challenge, the theme we have right now (Jan 2013) is Must Have Red with Maybelline as the product highlights.

This is the look I created inspired by the theme and products from Maybelline. I super duper love the lipstick for able to give bright red lips and enough shine at the same time. Looks vinyl to me :*

Don't forget to participate on the challenge too ya ^__^

Here's the details:

and click ME to find out more.

Now, instead of a normal post, a video is presented with step by step guide of me creating the look. You don't have to follow the steps accordingly, makeup should be about freedom to express yourself and do things your own way.

And here are some pictures taken after the makeup is done. The whole process from base to lips took me around 17 minutes.

Overall, the products from Maybelline is wonderful. The B.B Stick impress me with how smooth it is sliding on the skin like a sharp skates on the ice. Easily blends and provide enough coverage (like medium to high). A concealer still needed for (big) acne, deeper lines or areas under the eyes but overall is still a very good product with SPF too. The mascara is (like always) proven waterproof, I did cry (watching sad movies ... 50 First Date is a bit sad) and wash my face with cold water, the mascara stays on like nothing happened. The Crayon Liner is not tear proof and does smudge too, solution? Don't rub the eyes while using it.

The eyeshadow can be used for many different use as a highlighter for the nose and the dark shades for the brows too. For the eyes? A proper use can help creating a dramatic eyes, bigger eyes, or seductive eyes.

The cheeks are seduced with wooden rose, use it as faint or as bold as you want and there's a glowing material too in the ingredient, so it created an illusion like a sun just kiss the cheeks.

The lipstick. Oohhh! Where should I start?! The consistency, elasticity, rubberiness, viscosity, density, intensity, the .... errr everything seems so right and compacted. It's like magnet to my lips. Color Sensational Red Porcelain RP41 is sensational! Love it!

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