Friday, January 11, 2013

Cross-Terrain "Dry Run" Foot Cream

Hi everyone!

It's rainy season here in Jakarta and I love the cool breeze in the morning, it keep the sweats away as most days here is humid and so hot.

Humidity + heat equals sweats, sweats and sweats everywhere!

Deo for armpits? Check!
Body powder? Check!
Feet? Powders and deo wont do, I know I've tried many things before, until . . . 

Kiehl's Cross-Terrain "Dry Run" Foot Cream.

Details from

This unique, slip-resistant formula primes feet for any activity by providing a long-lasting dry feel. With sweat-absorbing volcanic extracts and soothing Aloe Vera, our cooling cream promotes relief from minor skin irritations and discomforts due to perspiration and the stresses and abuses incurred by active feet.
Apply to dry feet prior to activity. Allow to dry.

My say:

First of all, in MEN section?! I'm protesting! It should be in universal area. My husband feet are perfectly rarely sweats like I do, I am a major in sweaty feet (God knows why), I mean it! It's like, my feet even sweats when wearing flip flops. And sweats equal to . . .  smell, euuhhhhhhhh  ⊙0⊙ .. ⊙︿⊙ .. ⊙ω⊙ .. ⊙﹏⊙ .. ⊙△⊙

Deo will make the feet so slippery and rarely really work, powders like talc will give white residue everywhere and made my feet seems infected by fungus or something and will lose the battle against the sweat as well.

So when Kiehl's handed me this item (without knowing my problem whatsoever . . . or did they?) I kept being skeptical and put it on the shelve for weeks months. I don't want to try it at first. Why? One, it is on the MEN section, two it is not in the universal section, three IT IS in the MEN section even on their website, and last but not least, they say it is for men, haha! Yes, I'll make a big deal out of it.

Until, around 2-3 weeks ago, I'm trying it on my feet for the first time after so much hesitation and struggles (hyperbolic? Yes!). And the results are:

 I love it. It was amazing! Those who suffers sweaty feet like I do will definitely understand the feelings I get from having a smooth, soft, dry, comfortable feet, far from smelly and sweaty. The product is meant for those (men) who have a very active lifestyle, like sports (etc) or for those (men) with the feet that's active on their own while the owner just sitting down in a couch watching TV. 

Now, I'm one of those who have active feet (on their own) when maybe most people wont have it. The white slightly yellowish lotion is light and smells good too,  kinda like a mixed between herbs and cooling agents. It gives the skin an instant cooling for a while and dry effect for a day. It's like the lotion is tightening the pores so the sweats doesn't come out as furious as before. Leaving the skin feels so good and velvety.

When I move my toes after the lotion is put on, like they have these 'grip' now. Before, it was slippery, sticky and unpleasant. The effect also last for hours and hours but at the end of the day when I'm taking a shower and the surface of the skin touches the water, it will become slippery, so careful when rinsing the feet, make sure the floor is not wet and clean them well with soap.

Overall, a very good, even great, product, for active feet which gives them a soft, smooth, velvety, dry, and very comfortable result instantly for those in sport shoes or stilettos!

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