Friday, January 18, 2013

Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask Pack

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how are you? I hope everyone is well, especially all of us in Jakarta.

For me it means staying at home and difficulties to travel here and there, therefor I do have time to blog many many things that have been piling up lately.

This ite is from Skin Food, called Argan Oil Hair Mask Pack. I got mine from my recent haul in at Kesho Shop.

Below is the image of the product, remember the new one is always sealed, unscrew the lid first and peel off the foil. Put the cap back on and the product is ready to be used.

"A hair mask with argan oil and silk that transforms dry, damaged hair into healthy, shiny tresses. Argan oil nourishes hair and increases the moisture content. 18 amino acids, proteins, and peptides in silk replenish lost nutrients. "
[Argan Oil Story] 
Argan oil, also known as the Liquid Gold of Morocco, is pressed from the nuts of the argan trees that are under protection of UNESCO. This oil, enriched with essential fatty acids, vitamin E, squalene, and other nutrients, provides many benefits especially for hair care as it nourishes the hair and increases its moisture content. 

* To Use
 After shampooing, remove excess water and apply to damp hair. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

The milky honey colored cream is thick and at first the smell is not so good (but after rinsing and drying, the smell become better, fresher and gooood ^__^ like fresh flowered honey). The thick cream also easily distributed to wet hair and in an instant the hair feels super duper soft.

I use it accordingly and really like the delicateness and silky smooth effect. I know that to fix ones hair it takes more than just feeling soft and silky but still, who can resist a hair that looks like silk and shines too.

Yes, my hair become shinier and looks healthier.

My golden colored hair looks like fine threads of gold now. So delicate, fine, soft to the touch, fragrant, and radiant. This is a must try item ^__^

Tips: Don't let the mask touches the scalp, it was made for hair tresses, not scalp. Rinse the product well and gently dry the hair, Don't use hot water, a semi warm water is enough, I've tried cold water and it works out too.

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